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Thunder iron gate exposure against KG trash like pretended not to understand English –   sports Sohu; Beijing on September 26th news, from the "The Associated Press" reported that Kevin – Garnett officially announced his retirement. As is known to all, KG is a master of trash when playing. How to deal with? The thunder inside the iron gate – Adams Steven has merit — pretended not to understand english…… KG is the pronoun, it is interesting that many players have seen his trash. Today, Adams revealed the face of KG garbage when the trick, pretending not to speak English, do not understand english. "He (Garnett) who can make you feel his deterrent, will let you feel scared," Adams said, "in general, he was not strong I shouted, but once in the game he sprayed some rubbish to me. My response is, ‘what are you talking about? Sorry, man, I don’t understand English Then KG walked away and never spoke to me again. So, I this move is very useful." As a new Zealander, Adams is also considered to be a garbage master. But in this regard, Adams denied. "I don’t like to talk trash, I prefer to play hard, focus on the game itself," Adams said, in addition to KG, Kendrick – Perkins’s garbage is also very powerful. In addition to KG, this summer, another big striker Tim – Duncan also announced his retirement. Turning to Duncan, Adams thinks he is completely different from KG’s character. "I’m very sorry for Duncan’s retirement and I’ve learned a lot from him," Adams said. "When you’re on the right track, you can learn the steps and the shots. After he left the stadium, he gave me the feeling that there was no insider for me to learn. Apparently, Duncan is a nice guy." Adams, 23, played in the last season of the regular season, averaging out of the game for the past 25.2 minutes, handing over the data of a total of 8 points and 6.7 rebounds and 1.1 blocks in a row on. (Jim)相关的主题文章: