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Three go to the capital of Sun Zhongshan: second times from Beijing wanted to change a guest Beijing – Liu Jianghua Sun Zhongshan’s life mainly in the South and overseas planning organization revolution, for a handful of times, but every time he is the turning point in life. In 1894, 28 year old Sun Zhongshan thought with improved north of Tianjin to the Li Hongzhang letter, but failed to see Li Hongzhang, then went to Beijing for a brief visit, modified hopeless, frustrated Sun Zhongshan South chose the armed revolution in Guangzhou in the following year, determined to overthrow the rule of the Qing dynasty. He made second trips to Beijing, is the summer of 1912 for talks with Yuan Shikai, residence in Beijing for nearly a month, but a year after leaving Beijing, domestic situation mutation, Sun Zhongshan became Yuan Shikai wanted. In the winter of 1924, Sun Zhongshan came to Beijing for the third time. Sun Zhongshan first entered the field of vision in 1895, Sun Zhongshan and xingzhonghui launched the first anti armed uprising in Guangzhou, but because the machines do not close failure. In December 7th, the Guangdong uprising fugitive reward apprehend officials, Sun Zhongshan topped the list, a bonus one thousand yuan silver. Archives of Qing Dynasty in the first record of Sun Zhongshan, Sun Zhongshan of Guangzhou is receiving the report after the Qing government tried to rise, just under the viceroy Tan Zhonglin "strict purchase? Sun Wen and Yang Quyun, Wu was appearing in court". The Qing government wanted, Sun Zhongshan was forced to leave the country, began a long exile, but also makes its name began to be known by chinese. Sun Zhongshan, whose real name is Sun Wen, when it was renamed Zhongshan in 1897 in japan. However, the official newspaper and books in the Qing Dynasty imperial archives, we often see the name "Sun Wen". This is because, in the Qing Dynasty in the name of adjacent water habits by the word said sewage, as treatment, Guangxu, the rebellion was often written as "Ma Longhua Ma?". In 1904, the constitutional movement of the booming situation, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi had borrowed his 70 birthday of the machine issued a decree, the part of the pardon party, but at the same time also stressed that "conspiratory foundation of Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao, Sun Wensan is guilty of heinous crime, no amnesty"; in 1911 after the Wuchang uprising, confound the in October 30th the Qing court awarded purpose open party ban: "all the people forgive since because of the coup was to blame, and guilty of political revolution, and the fear of crime suspects into hiding trouble is threatening, Zibalaigui, are all for the past." But Sun Zhongshan is not on the list. Interestingly, in 1912, the Qing court abdicated after the founding of the Qing Dynasty, Sun Zhongshan wanted, but became empress dowager, Prince Regent guest. In August 1912, Sun Zhongshan for the first time to Beijing, not only the two people in the hospitality, Sun Zhongshan also visited the Summer Palace, Beihai in the South China Sea and the Jingshan Hill before the forbidden area. From the guest wanted to know, Sun Zhongshan of Qing Dynasty from reform to revolution to the history of the Republic, and perhaps also on Sun Zhongshan’s birthday a mark 150 years. The first time in 11894 years to completely abandon the improvement thought in January 1894, Sun Zhongshan was on the grass "Li Hongzhang book", the same year in Shanghai in June revised draft. The book is as long as 8000.相关的主题文章: