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Three examination of the same school school exam interview said the small Wei Xianyang people old week operation secret daughter (a pseudonym) after graduate school for three consecutive years, the three time to participate in Shaanxi preschool teachers college recruitment exam, every time is written by, and after the interview failed. The personnel department of Shaanxi Preschool Teachers College responsible person, in accordance with the procedures, and discipline supervision, there is no black box operation. Three years three times in the recruitment examination this year after the interview and exam the small Wei in 2014 from the Northwest Normal University Art Painting graduate candidates this year Shaanxi preschool teachers college counselors, this position belongs to the personnel agency staff. In August 4th, she participated in the Shaanxi preschool teachers college recruitment written examination, successfully passed the interview in August 8th. The afternoon of August 9th, the college admission publicity list, small Wei failed again. "The exam preparation is very full very seriously, the feeling of accomplishment should be at the forefront of that," the little Wei said sadly, "but after the interview was washed off." The first two did not care, that the child’s written test results are not good." Old Zhou said that this year the children learn the first two lessons, but efforts to review, after the interview is fail in an examination. After the child was very sad to find out where the gap. In order to find out the specific reasons the daughter failed, the old Shaanxi Preschool Teachers College and thoughtful personnel, discipline inspection departments, written scores above 60 points can enter the interview reply, and ultimately to the interview results to determine the final results, the daughter of the result does not meet the admission requirements. "Why not open the written test results, let us get the job sincerely convinced?" Old week questioned. Shaanxi Preschool Teachers College: 14 people admitted she ranked 22 in the China Daily reporter learned from the Provincial Department of education, since the reform of the personnel system in 2014, the Provincial Education Department of record management for staff, for staff recruitment, personnel agency, university independent recruitment and interpretation. The personnel department of Shaanxi Preschool Teachers College responsible person, small Wei took the counselor is personnel nature, does not belong to the staff, but the admissions process with reference to civil service recruitment procedures, the school in the written examination and interview link by the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision in its full participation in the interview, the proportion is 3:1, the recruitment plan for 15 people, in the my father received a small Wei to reflect the situation, has made a formal reply: small Wei interview scores for the 22. The responsible person said, the interview by blind assessment methods, namely all interviewers using the numbering system, the examiner does not know their names, candidates only to their majors and the school’s name, the interview process and presided over by the Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision, blind assessment when examiners and candidates can not on the number, so there is no the black box operation. 15 people recruitment program, in fact, did not recruit enough, the final public recruitment of 14 people in the recruitment process does not reduce recruitment requirements. Why can not all the candidates selected publicity rankings? The person in charge said, parents and candidates can go to school to check their exam rankings, but can not query other people’s achievements and rankings. If the parents still have objections to the recruitment process, can apply for school discipline and related management departments to verify the achievement, they will give public Xuan相关的主题文章: