This year’s golden week Wuhu tourism highlights of the two a new bright spot in Anhui

This year’s golden week   Wuhu tourism highlights of the two: a new bright spot in Anhui channel — according to river evening news, October 8th, reporters from the Wuhu Municipal Tourism Bureau, this year during the seven day National Day holiday all over the country, especially in the Yangtze River Delta area for tourists to experience a different kind of "come in a throng, happy Wuhu Tour", "city leisure trip", "Jiangnan Water Village Tour rhyme". During the National Day holiday, the city received a total of 1 million 762 thousand and 760 foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue 1 billion 909 million yuan; tourism market supply and demand booming, the overall smooth running order. According to reports, this year’s National Day golden week, Wuhu tourism has two highlights of concern: first, the East Cluster Tourism Resort effect previews. During the holiday, in the east of Wuhu tourist resort area of the special tourism zone, Jiuzi Town, Ocean Park, the great white sculpture park, park and Museum, Yourenruzhi, become the best choice for Wuhu citizens. Wuhu special tourism district launched a series of red theme garden activities, invited the country 67 called "National Day" and the 67 1949 birth of tourists, free travel, to celebrate the 67 birthday of the new China. In Wuhu the great white Ocean Park theme parade, play ball pool, cartoon painting, through the maze of colorful activities. Jiuzi town with iron picture show, drum rhyme, the stunt, Zhaoqing, Huangmei Opera and other folk embroidery, retain nostalgia, let visitors feel the broad and profound culture. During the holiday, Ocean Park and Jiuzi town visitors opened free shuttle bus, to achieve a seamless connection from the marine culture to Huizhou culture "". Statistics show that this year’s national day seven days holiday, Wuhu special tourism area received a total of 23 foreign tourists million passengers, revenue of more than 2900 yuan; Ocean Park and Jiuzi town a total of domestic and foreign tourists more than 16 people, more than 663 yuan of income. Special tourism zone and Jiuzi Town, Ocean Park scenic spots received three tourists, the tourists accounted for about 20% of total capacity. Second, the rural tourism market continues to heat up. During the golden week, the city of Jiangnan unique charm and Anhui characteristics of rural tourism continues to heat up, sought after by the market. A fine line of rural tourism grading Nanling County in Wuhu, Guan Xiang Dun Margaret, Fanchang County in the mature form rural leisure viewing, sightseeing, mountain water water and slow slow picking experience Jiangnan cultural promenade featuring the valley more than mature rural tourist attractions. Wuhu rural tourism with golden week popularity, generally carried out to see the rural landscape, quality farm dishes, enjoy leisure travel and many other theme activities, attracting a large number of urban tourists have to go. According to incomplete statistics, during the holiday, the city’s rural tourism points accumulated tourists up to 152 thousand passengers. The whole city filled with joy, peace, friendly, civilized atmosphere, everywhere show "happy Wuhu" tourist destination city style. The picture shows joy on the faces of tourists. (commissioning editor Guo Yu and Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章: