This year, the results of the Shandong environmental protection inspection to open a number of

Shandong this year, the results of environmental protection to open a number of enterprises in Ji’nan into the black list this year in June to August, the provincial government organized the province’s environmental protection special action inspection activities in 2016. Recently, the inspection situation to be published, excessive emissions of atmospheric pollutants, such as the list of companies also released a list. According to the atmospheric pollutant emissions exceed the standard sort, list of enterprises, including Shandong Gengchen casting materials Co., Ltd. and Ji’nan Jade Spring Biomass Power Generation Co. ltd.. In addition, Shandong Green Dam (Ji’nan) Chemical Co. Ltd. was found to be living waste water through the hose into the rain pipe straight row of Xiaoqing river. Focus one: heavy industry is still high, heavy polluting enterprises relocation and transformation of slow progress in Shandong, the industrial structure is still biased. At present, the province’s inspection found that the proportion of light and heavy industry close to 3:7, electric power, steel, chemical, petrochemical, nonferrous metals, building materials and other six high energy consuming industries above scale industrial output value accounted for the proportion of 32%, energy consumption accounted for 70.8%, coal consumption accounted for 84.9%, long-term industrial structure formed on the problems in the short term it is difficult to solve. The inspection also found that the development of heavy polluting enterprises relocation is slow, especially the majority of iron and steel, petrochemical, chemical industry, nonferrous metals, cement, plate glass and other heavy polluting industries for local backbone enterprises, large size, volume number, workers with the disposal of assets is difficult. While promoting the relocation of heavy polluting enterprises in the city, the need to properly deal with the local economic development, social stability, financial risks and other issues. Two focus: 32 companies emissions exceed the standard problem, two in Ji’nan from June to August this year, the province’s air quality is generally achieved an improvement, but some problems are still outstanding. Among them, Ji’nan July fine particles, respirable particulate matter concentration of the province’s highest concentration of 61 mu g m3 and 107 g m3; ambient air quality index of the province’s highest, was 6.12. Air pollution control in industrial enterprises, 6, 7, August, more than the provincial control of excessive emissions of enterprises were more than 30, respectively, and the 24 home. Among them, 32 companies excessive exhaust emissions problem. According to the review, in 32 air pollutant emissions exceed the standard in the enterprise, two in Ji’nan, namely Shandong Gengchen casting materials Co., Ltd. and Ji’nan Jade Spring Biomass Power Generation Co. ltd.. Specifically, inspection found that Shandong Gengchen foundry materials Co. exhaust SO2 concentration fluctuations, instantaneous value exceed the standard phenomenon frequently; Ji’nan Jade Spring Biomass Power Generation Co. No. 1, 130t h biomass boiler exhaust SO2 concentration 173 m3, exceed the standard 0.5 times. Three focus: a chemical company with the rainwater sewage straight row of small Qinghe 6 this year, July, provincial control main pollutants in key river COD, the average concentration of ammonia nitrogen, year-on-year rebound. In August, the average concentration of ammonia nitrogen in major rivers in the province was controlled. Among them, Ji’nan City Xin Feng Zhuang section 6, 7 and August as inferior to five water. In addition, part of the city’s black odor water treatment plan to develop slowly, to the present,.相关的主题文章: