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This year the Chinese grape encountered bad weather disaster replant to eat in November this year, the "noble" grape becomes cheaper, expensive ten yuan a catty, cheap 3 yuan a catty, not in previous years at ten yuan to dozens of yuan high price. Yesterday, a fruit stall in Wangjiawan, Hanyang, 6.5 yuan a jin of summer black grapes, 5.5 yuan a jin of seven colored grapes, and 10 yuan and 3 jin of crystal grapes. Hankou victory Street, more than 10 meters away from the 5 fruit shops, the most expensive grapes 11.8 yuan a Jin, the cheapest 4.8 yuan a Jin. The store owner said that when the grape was just listed in the previous period, it sold more than 10 yuan, and it soon fell down this year. The cheapest crystal grapes come from Enshi. The fruit farmer Kim said that the grape suffered from bad weather this year, the quality is not very good, only ten yuan three Jin big sale, can save the book is good. The analysis of food experts from the Wuhan Modern Agricultural Education Center said that there was no good year for the grapes this year. The low temperature, not the normal development of grape seedlings, mid continuous super rainfall, vineyard fertilizer loss, so that there is not enough nutrition to keep up with the grape guaguo. Extreme weather has reduced the quality of local grapes in Wuhan, and the quality of the grapes is also discounted. Dongxihu District new town farmer Wang Zhiming hook said, the first half of this year, grape seedling upright, Wuhan area, the temperature is low, slow growth of grape, to June and July, this time more rain, grape began flowering fruiting, but suffered several super rainfall, causing severe waterlogging of vineyards, lose millions of dollars. However, he was still optimistic: in July, he took the production of self rescue and introduced more than 10 varieties of drunken gold, purple and green, purple and sweet, red rose, gold finger and so on. At present, the grape began phasing guaguo. In the mid autumn holiday, nearly 2000 people come to pick them every day. Next, an invigorating autumn climate, grape will become more and more delicious. Chinese grapes can be eaten until November this year.

今年遭遇坏天气 汉产葡萄灾后补种可吃到11月今年,“高贵”的葡萄变便宜了,贵的上十元一斤,便宜的3元一斤,看不到往年动辄十几元到几十元的高价了。昨天,汉阳王家湾一家水果摊,夏黑葡萄6.5元一斤,七彩葡萄5.5元一斤,水晶葡萄则是10元3斤。汉口胜利街上,10多米距离内5家水果店扎堆,葡萄最贵的11.8元一斤,最便宜的4.8元一斤。店主表示,前段时间葡萄刚上市时,都卖10元以上,今年很快就降下来了。最便宜的水晶葡萄来自恩施。果农金先生说,今年葡萄遭受恶劣天气影响,品质不太好,只能十块钱三斤大甩卖,能保本就不错了。武汉现代农业教育中心食品专业专家分析说,今年葡萄没遇到好年份。前期低温,葡萄苗未能正常发育,中期连续超强降雨,葡萄园肥分大量流失,以致葡萄挂果没有足够营养成分跟上。极端天气使武汉本地葡萄大幅减产,品质也打了折扣。东西湖区新钩镇果农王志明说,今年上半年,葡萄正直苗期,武汉地区气温偏低,葡萄发育缓慢,到六七月份,这个时段雨水较多,葡萄开始开花挂果,却遭遇几次超强降雨,造成葡萄园严重渍水,损失上百万元。不过,他仍然乐观表示:7月份采取生产自救,引进醉金香、紫翠、紫甜、红玫瑰、金手指等10多个品种。目前,葡萄开始分期分批挂果。中秋小长假,每天有近2000人游客前来采摘。往后期,秋高气爽,葡萄会变得越来好吃。汉产葡萄今年可以一直吃到11月份。相关的主题文章: