This year nearly half of commodity funds reached the total return rate of more than 14% of the gold

This year nearly half of commodity funds reached the total return rate of more than 14% Gold Market Securities Times reporter Wei Shuguang the latest statistics show that the first 8 months of this year the total amount of funds into commodity futures fund has reached $54 billion, a record record over the same period. Gold is the most popular this year, attracting nearly half of the funds. Half of commodity funds into the gold market according to the latest report from Barclays Bank, January to August this year, the total amount of funds into commodity market funds reached $54 billion, is the history of the first 8 months of capital inflows into commodity market fund highest year. Prior to this, 2009 is the highest total commodity futures fund inflows of capital into the year, reaching $71 billion, is expected in 2016 full year capital inflows will exceed the year of 2009. Barclays said that commodity investment boom mainly from investors for gold, energy related exchange traded products and long-term commodity investment. Although the future of commodity assets may be a net withdrawal of funds, but the overall trend has reversed, and the next few years will continue to rise. Barclays Bank reported that gold is the most popular investment this year, absorbing nearly half of the total amount of funds into the commodity futures industry. Uncertainties in the financial sector and global economic growth, as well as political risks, are expected to continue to support the flow of investment funds into the gold market. Statistics show that this year, the total return of Bloomberg commodity index fund investors more than 14%. Since the beginning of this year, gold prices rose nearly 30%. U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) WTI crude oil futures prices rose to $45 in January from the current low of $27.5 barrel, or up to $58%. This year, the gold ETF (exchange traded funds) positions of the brisk performance is to promote the main driving force of high gold prices. Statistics show that the current global gold ETF positions of about 64 million 900 thousand ounces, compared with the beginning of this year, compared to a sharp rise of 47 million ounces. Domestic funds also favored gold with the commodity futures market continues to heat up, the domestic public fund to get together to declare the commodity fund is also increasing, while gold and silver is also the domestic fund’s big love". Statistics show that in late August, the Commission accepted the ICBC Credit Suisse and Huaan fund only 3 gold and silver trading application for fund raising. The industry is expected, according to the audit period of 6 months to calculate, the fourth quarter of this year to the first quarter of next year, the domestic commodity market or usher in billions of dollars of new funds. It is reported that in the commercial application for fund raising, gold and silver products is the most favored by the fund management company investment targets, including Qianhai Kaiyuan, fortune SGAM fund companies such as reporting the main products for the gold and silver ETF fund and LOF. Hua An Fund Management Co gold ETF fund manager Xu Yiyi said that in the short term, gold prices are mainly determined by the United States non farm data, the Fed rate and other technical aspects. Due to the Fed’s interest rate hike is still not strong, showing dependence on monetary expansion, the short-term decline in gold prices weakened. In the long run, the price of gold depends mainly on supply and demand. From.相关的主题文章: