This week review not to be divulged secret front – Sohu technology between Apple headset with trisom lightscape

This week review: front between Apple headset and three Naokou not to be divulged secret – technology "Sohu ariri, ariri, Ali ariri." Welcome to the science and technology Tucao conference this week, the front of the show, this week’s drama was snatched away by apple. But the first to be Unicom upstage. The day before the release of iPhone 7, China Unicom pioneered the various administrative micro-blog crazy configuration 7 explosive upside down. A good pig teammate, two or three hours later, they will delete the article. (I wonder if small is not in order to complete the KPI hits, deliberately) that this event Cook immediately in the car to a dolphin sound: the sound ringing, such as resentment, such as mu, dance music, linger on faintly, as if weeping and complaining; Youhe the potential of women in Li Jiao, cry…… Good a decent people are introverted, Leng so angry. Apple in the press conference, the world took place in a particularly strange thing. IPhone has appeared since the broken phenomenon, when Xiao Bian is holding 6 conference, the screen suddenly began to crack a layer from the Home button there, then to the fourth week star crack spread. To the Internet to see a day before the discovery of Zhang Ziyi’s mobile phone split, a lot of red cell phone is broken. Go to their micro-blog comments a glance, it can not be, the bottom of the phone and iPad is broken screen comments. We greet each other – – your cell phone broken?" Good clever ah, I also "small for the United States mobile phone burst of the structure of SBI (Shouji Baolie Institute) launched an investigation, big data research shows that when a new generation of iPhone conference held after the old mobile phone will usually damage rate soared to about 250%, SBI has been named the PB effect (Phone Broken effect). According to the conjecture of PB effect may be caused by the Apple Corp to entice new product space three Hoshi Chiko. Sublock Chi died of unknown material molecules of the old version of the iPhone, causing damage and quark spontaneous proton decay, causing local gravitational field distortion. So there’s an automatic fragmentation. So how can we solve this problem? Apple official found a law, before and after the release of new products, the old mobile phone before the fragmentation is often subjected to a four dimensional space of the external force makes it contact with the ground, after contact with the internal proton decay. They dare to imagine, as long as people lie on the ground every day, do not let the phone and the ground have a distance, can effectively prevent the first step in the iPhone fragmentation. Cook thought of a good way to iPhone a small part of the modified. In 2016, Beijing in September 8th 1 in the morning, apple officially released this cross century subversive products: AirPods with it, so you get a headset and hide, hide and seek pleasure. Sometimes it hides in the sewer and hides in the road, it will let you in the past to catch it. This will be able to lie on the ground every day to prevent the phone was lost. Nie Weilin: just take me?相关的主题文章: