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This is not just a children’s book The Magic Elephant Books – Sohu mother welcomed the attention of "magic like children’s book Hall" WeChat public number: mofaxiang01 should be as rocks, trees, water and fracture of the gate, the best become creaking floor, not the perfect dazzling obvious. – Herberna (poet of Poland) that have no "big box" once again out of the picture book, think of this poem. Then the reader’s feedback was recorded, and it was said that the picture book was a bit melancholy, some dark. Yes, she also think so. But after reading the entire picture book, you might think this is for adults to see how to educate their children! In China, most parents will have "Wangzaichenglong, look into the Phoenix" idea, wants their child to the direction toward the dream and grow their own unfinished, so often inject a lot of their own subjective ideas in education issues. As everyone knows, it is because of these "not objective" education, it led to the loss of freedom of the child, lost the original nature of happiness. Wednesday night, mom and dad will see they see their gift pizza, Lego toys, bubble gum and a color TV set on Christmas day they got a picture with a picture of the sky only made specimens of butterflies and a fish in the fish tank is made of plastic forever is a kind of seagull called Oh hare jump Beaver want to bite trees can also bite patty, Mickey and Lisa — they like this child but not free Patty previously lived in a little white house door can be opened inside and outside on both sides but she will do every day that people too much fun at school so often disturbed her talking and singing a lesson will go to the toilet four times she is not playing dolls still run in the us to the auditorium flag. She always quarrel in the classroom in the library. One day of "love" Patti teachers meeting together to help her solve the problem Patti, you are a very beautiful girl and with infinite possibilities but you have to understand that you have to go through a lot of efforts to adapt to the world you see, the rules are written on the blackboard so we are not in the we have a business? Your mum and Dad that you can’t manage their big box "big box" [America] Toni · Morrison Slade Biol · Morrison; [America] Kyrgyzstan Leslie · Potter painted week English translation of the 1993 Nobel laureate Toni · Morrison wrote children’s stories ripped imprisoned childhood big box, the guardian of the child the right to freedom of growth. This work set people thinking is the Nobel prize winner Toni · Morrison son at the age of 9 according to the idea of creation, to remind people, do not listen to the voices of the children are truly destructive, not in the name of love to kidnap the child, tear open childhood.相关的主题文章: