This experience is reported to 100 points! The pox old driver to take you to see the micro needle

This experience is reported to 100 points! The "pox" old driver to take you to see the simple and crude micro needle baby acne are good, small "reality beast" on time to report! From the last experience of Almighty king, king of hearts freckle skin rejuvenation, has been in the past two weeks ~ (small king of hearts, I experience report portal stamp) according to the last for the individual treatment plan of pigment printing and small acne on the face, small headed to Beijing beauty in the shape of the hospital again meet the handsome doctor Ni Zhenxia. The project to be done is very simple and very rough micro needle! As usual, the first Po a self Mito, remember this soon to go down down down face makeup ~ Xiaobian I was back on the small face is actually down down down such small makeup is acne!!! To tell the truth, Xiao Bian for the concept of micro pin just stay in this stage, not very understanding. Because it is necessary to personally battle, so before starting to do some homework. For example, know a Wikipedia for micro needle is the introduction of this: "beauty is the use of many small micro needle needle, micro needle roller on the stimulation to the skin, in a very short period of time can make more than 200000 micro needle micro channel, stimulate the regeneration of collagen, to achieve the purpose of beauty." Micro pin roller small series of broken fingers carefully counted how many zeros, 200 thousand pinhole ah! My face is not to poke a sieve!     with the mood, Xiao Bian came to the room a good consultation inquiry, after Ni medical science to understand, "micro needle brute" is not simple!     micro needle treatment of acne principle is what?     we all know that long face acne is the root cause of the pores (i.e. the sebaceous glands, we face the hair follicle and sebaceous gland is a common, open pores) is blocked, while the micro needle is open through many channels, the occlusion of the open pores, sebum can let out, and the introduction of drugs so as to achieve the purpose of treating acne.     micro needle can only treat acne?     of course not. According to the introduction of different drugs, micro needle can treat acne, acne, pox pits, can also whitening and moisturizing the skin. But Ni doctor, each micro needle therapy is the best choice to separate effect, do not choose the combination form, because of the different drugs at the same time, not only can not reach 1+1> the effect of 2, and may affect each other, to reach the ideal effect.     there are friends to share the micro needle instead of the emergence of the situation, which is why?     smallpox is a normal phenomenon, but this is only a very small number of people will produce this phenomenon. There are two reasons for this phenomenon: first, the abuse of cosmetics for a long time, harmful substances deposited in the skin for a long time, but after micro needle stimulation, harmful substances will be discharged from the pores.相关的主题文章: