This autumn, the most popular tomato color, lipstick, white, and white is not a choice.-solid converter

This autumn, the most popular tomato color, lipstick, white, and white is not a choice. Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint #02 cocktail rose amore lip oil specifications: 4.5g, the official website price: about 54 yuan RMB "for the king" has been a big strength of amore imitators, is often the same color, but with an overwhelming advantage over big cost guards. This color is not much, very good, but it is not completely satisfactory walking routes, including the 02 tomato red although not the most popular color, but also another color ~ natural light color test of No. 02 was named as the "cocktail" rose color name words usually hot saturated. The blogger leesu tries to color the orange on the mouth of the leesu, a little closer to the pumpkin color. The color test in the light is so interesting, the orange tone tomato, the thick coated tomato color. To say the jasmine series quality, unscrew the lid at first glance "what plastic color" very spicy chicken, but the mouth that is still very good, highly integrated color, for me personally, moisturizing effect is good, not only for their own look Lip Glaze and useless. MAC Amplified Lipstick#My Inner Femme specification: 3G, official website price: 170 yuan, RMB MAC, the red number of mouth is various, and the complete color system is known all over the world. Some color has overcome the defects of explosion dried, coupled with the advantage of rich color, its charm is invincible. Try the blogger T: natural light weight coated color test: small tomato color, thin coating than big tomato color to offset a little red. The texture is more moist than the matte series, and the lasting force is not as strong as matte, but it is also very good, at the same time slightly lip lines. The color side of the heat can be painted lip tender, cold and full lip thick coated side leaks. Yellow friendly, white be nothing difficult (??????)? MAC Lustre Lipstick#Lady Bug specifications: 3G, the official website price: 170 yuan RMB inertial thinking, "moist" two words and MAC is detached, but it only can completely overthrow the old cognitive ~ natural light color try this gloss can touch the degree of moisture seven or eight it ~ it might well be called Zhu Lishai the strong woman must, soft girl with thin or bite lips, I tease than Cougerenao good natural light hand light color test hand test color seems to be more than tomato red red. Therefore, different light sources and skin color are different, even if so, the vast majority of people have given good praise! Light lip effect and Cockney color similar, the biggest difference is that with the Cockney flash, without flash. Because it is very moist, so the mouth is thin coated cherry hues of water red color, heavy coated with tomato color. Do not pick skin basically, and the above only, no lip lines. According to netizens said thin coating and DIOR LanJin 999 Hallucii, two have the woman can give a reference? There are other color is the tomato color, somewhat difference, the difference for different color options: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain#28 Grenat Acrylique well this rotten tomato color, but like the mermaid out of print and YSL109 goods, not to buy. If you’re lucky enough to meet, hold your tongue, buy it. Tory Burch Lip Color #04 smack dab because the color is relatively unpopular, foreign try less homework can see ~ other tomato color beauty recommend Nars Blush exibit a # tomato color specification: 4.8g, the official website price: 358 yuan RMB the legendary "tomato", of course, have to list! Look at the color. It’s very image. Color card powder fried chicken fine! It is a little bit of color, so not too much to brush a few times ~ arm test color than pink series, more blood. If that tomato is difficult to buy or expensive, you can choose sleek scandalous color into 9 similar look Kerr demonstration hot color is reasonable, but also suitable for all kinds of color collocation Red lipstick, the same color of the best. Kevin Aucion Blush #fira KA is not only good grooming Oh, it’s great ~ blush color test arm compared to large tomato, the more orange, the color is more warm. Natural light color test that it is not orange + tomato, tomato. But the color of the lipstick is well matched.

今年秋天最流行的番茄色口红 巨显白还不挑人!  Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint爱茉莉唇油  #02 cocktail rose  规格:4.5g,官网价:约54元RMB  “平替大王”爱茉莉一直是大牌的实力效仿者,常常是一样的颜色,却以性价比逆天的压倒性优势力压大牌。这个系列颜色不多,非常好 选,但也不完全走中规中矩的路线,其中这款02号番茄红虽然不是最受欢迎的色号,但也是另一种出彩~  自然光下手背试色  02号被命名为“鸡尾酒玫瑰”,颜色也同名字一般热辣饱和。  博主leesu试色  在leesu的嘴上偏橘色,有点向南瓜色靠拢的即视感。  灯光下试色  这个就有那么些意思了,橘调番茄红,厚涂烂番茄色。不得不说爱茉莉这个系列的品质,拧开盖子乍看“什么鬼塑料颜色”很辣鸡,但是 上嘴后发现还是很不错的,高度融合唇色,对于我个人来说,保湿效果也不错,不仅仅是为了唇釉自己中看而不中用。  MAC Amplified Lipstick#My Inner Femme  规格:3g,官网价:170元RMB  MAC的口红色号之繁多,色系之齐全是全世界皆知的。部分色号已经克服了爆皮干的缺陷,加之发色浓郁的优势,其魅力更是所向披靡 。  博主T大的试色:  自然光下重涂试色:  小番茄色,薄涂比起大番茄色要偏水红一点点。质地方面比matte系列要滋润些,持久力没matte那么坚强,但也很好了,同时略显唇纹 。颜色方面天热可画咬唇显嫩,天冷全唇厚涂霸气侧漏。黄皮友好,显白不在话下(??????)?  MAC Lustre Lipstick#Lady Bug  规格:3g,官网价:170元RMB  惯性思维中,“滋润”二字和MAC难以沾边,但是这只完全可以推翻陈旧认知~  自然光下试色  看这光泽感就能摸到七八分它的滋润度了~  也有人将它称为朱莉色  可见,御姐必备,软妹子薄涂或者咬唇,我等逗比凑个热闹就好  自然光下手背试色  灯光下手背试色  似乎又比番茄红更红点。所以,不同的光源和肤色涂出来都是有一定差异的,即使这样,绝大部分人都给了好评!  灯光下唇妆效果  和cockney颜色相近,最大的区别在于cockney带闪,这只不带闪。因为相当滋润,所以上嘴是薄涂偏樱桃色调的水红色,重涂番茄色。 基本不挑皮,和上面那只比,不显唇纹。据有网友说薄涂和DIOR蓝金999鬼打墙了,两只都有的妹子可以给个参考呗?  还有其他色号也是番茄色,多少有些差异,其中差异供不同肤色选择:  Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain#28 Grenat Acrylique  恩这个是烂番茄色,但是和YSL109人鱼姬一样,绝版货,不是一般难买。要是你有幸遇到了,憋说话,买。  Tory Burch Lip Color #04 smack dab  由于颜色相对冷门,国外试色较少,可以功课看看~  其他番茄色美物推荐  Nars Blush # exibit a大番茄色  规格:4.8g,官网价:358元RMB  传说中的“大番茄”,当然得上榜啦!看这颜色,真是太形象了。  色卡  粉质炒鸡细!!一点点就很显色,所以不要刷太多,要少量多次~  手臂试色  比起粉色系列,更显血色~  如果觉得大番茄难买或贵,可以选择sleek的scandalous,颜色9成相近  看可儿的示范  大热色是有道理的,也适合搭配各种Red色系的口红,同色系最佳。  Kevin Aucion Blush #fira  KA不仅仅是只有修容好看噢,它家的腮红也很棒~  手臂试色  相比大番茄,这块更加橘调,颜色要更温暖。  自然光试色  说它是番茄色,不如说橘红+番茄色。但是和口红颜色还是很配哒。相关的主题文章: