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UnCategorized If you’re in a jam because you’ve locked your keys in your house or car, or maybe a key has broken and you don’t have a spare, you definitely need of a locksmith. Before you jump the gun and call the first locksmith listed in the phone book, or spend unnecessary time and money calling directory assistance looking for the best one, here are some things to consider: You need a locksmith that’s local to where you are. Not everyone listed in the phone book is local for you, so you might be spending a lot of money in fees paying for the locksmith’s transportation to get to you. You may be calling a location that’s in a city far away, only to have a longer wait time in the end. You may also be getting an underpaid, untrained locksmith dispatched to your emergency. Some locksmiths insist on only cash payments, too, and may show up in a vehicle that has no .pany signage on it. Prices may be different than quoted on the phone. You want to avoid these possibly dangerous and frustrating situations if at all possible. So take a deep breath and try to think rationally. Try using the roadside assistance that came with your vehicle purchase, insurance, or separate road care package. They often have a list of qualified locksmiths that are licensed to .e help you out. This will greatly reduce the risk that you are getting an unqualified, untrained locksmith dispatched. If you find a locksmith that you feel would be a good choice, make sure their address is valid. You can have directory assistance do a reverse look up by address, or verify online through websites that allow address validation with a phone number search. This is to ensure you find a legitimate locksmith who has a reputable business, and not just an address at an empty storefront or another business they might be hiding behind. Make sure the locksmith you call answers with a .pany name, and not something generic. This often signifies that the .pany can be fraudulent or had shady business practices. Make sure the locksmith you choose is insured, should something happen to your vehicle while being worked on. Also, always ask the locksmith for identification to make sure they are who you called. They may also ask to verify who you are, to identify you are the vehicle’s rightful owner. Try to get an estimate of the work that will be performed, and when it’s .plete, be sure to ask for an itemized invoice that shows parts and labor. In the future, make sure you save the name and address of the locksmith somewhere handy in case of other emergencies that might arise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: