They also insist on! Sleep can also improve the metabolism of fat burning three beauty habits –

They also insist on! Three beauty habits – Sichuan Channel – original title of sleep can also improve metabolism to burn fat was also adhere to! Sleep can improve the metabolism of fat burning three beauty habits also adhere to the original title: slim! Sleep can also improve the metabolism of fat burning three habits of beauty around you also do not deliberately lose weight on the slim girl? In fact, as long as a little bit of change, not how hard days and months multiplying, it can maintain a good figure. Exercise every day, right? I know, but I don’t have time… For this kind of person is also no problem! Sleep before you pay attention to a few points will be able to improve the sleep of the body’s metabolism and burn fat oh. Therefore, as a beautician I come this to introduce three kinds of sleep can also improve the body metabolism and fat burning beauty habits! – sleep when the body secretes fat burning hormone sleep beauty is a very important time for us. It not only allows the body to rest, but also repair cells, promote hormone synthesis. Among them, the growth hormone related to skin repair, will affect the fat burning, but also closely related to weight loss. In addition, the leptin protein is a hormone that inhibits appetite, and promotes the body’s energy to improve, reduce body fat, an effective hormone. However, when people do not sleep, the secretion of lean protein will be reduced, while the promotion of appetite hunger hormone secretion. That is to say, in order to promote the effective secretion of this hormone, high quality sleep is very necessary. – promote sleep fat burning several bedtime habits (1) to sleep sleep to sleep and eat and play mobile phone before bedtime will reduce the quality of sleep, in order to get a good sleep after dinner, take 3 hours to go to sleep again, 1 hours before going to bed off the mobile phone and computer. At the same time, it is recommended that people sleep in pajamas. Some people wear their clothes on the bed, but the change of clothes can make you as soon as possible into the sleep mode, and the material is closer to the skin pajamas, moisture absorption, can help improve the quality of sleep. (2) dinner choice to promote intestinal peristalsis of the ingredients that can not only make you the morning of the second day and night is smooth defecation, parasympathetic nervous excitement, hyperactive bowel period, so choose some favorite food for supper to intestinal promote intestinal peristalsis. Recommended ingredients are conducive to thinning of food fiber, oligosaccharides, seaweed, lactic acid bacteria, etc.. The evening recommended eating bananas, yogurt, natto. (3) 1 minutes before bedtime promote blood flow in bed slowly stretching his body, promote the body’s blood flow, which can not only improve the quality of sleep, second days can make you look nothing like the day before so swollen. Develop the habit of stretching your shoulders, waist and hip joints to get you to sleep as soon as possible and to promote the growth hormone secretion. A person who is not good at stretching does not matter if his body is shaken two times. Even the beauty salon massage sometimes do not reach the designated position, but because you have exhausted the effort to carry out相关的主题文章: