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There are pictures of candid stall sound was arrested: no toilet paper into the men’s room October 28th, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Yuhuatai Tiexinqiao police station received a report that a building within the jurisdiction of a security guard was one of the staff and the boss caught in videotaping female toilet. Alarm police arrived at the scene found that a man was surrounded by people, including a small static (pseudonym) of the woman said he was the victim, but the photos seem to be videotaping security deleted, hoping police investigation of this matter. After the police brought the two sides back to the police station, they learned what happened: at 13 o’clock in the day, the employees who worked in a building in the area went to the ladies’ toilet, and they heard the sound of the photograph coming from the next compartment, accompanied by a flash of light. Feel suspicious small quiet quietly out of the toilet, and pushed the door and asked if anyone, "the door next to the toilet is broken, the door was blocked, no one should be at the door." Then the little static the toilet door chuaikai after stopped, which turned out to be a man. Small quiet a grab the man’s clothes, trying to stop him from leaving, and shout for help, the man was small static unit boss and other people seize. In the inquiry, the man arrested Lee told police that he was 23 years old, in the small quiet building security. Lee said that men out of paper, but only in the ladies’ room. In the discovery of someone coming in, the brain is hot, this is the next to the women were videotaping, and said he had deleted photos, hope the police lenient treatment". However, after investigation, police found that Lee’s mobile phone has 21 consecutive photos in the women’s room more than 100 photos, Li this confessed to his illegal behavior. At present, Lee has been detained by the police. Yangzi Evening News reporter Ji Yuxuan

女厕隔间有拍照声 偷拍者被抓:男厕没纸进女厕   10月28日,南京市雨花台公安分局铁心桥派出所接到报警称,辖区某大厦内有一名保安在偷拍女厕所时被其中的员工和老板抓个正着。   接警民警到场后发现,一名男子被众人团团围住,其中一位名为小静(化名)的女子称自己是受害人,不过照片似乎被偷拍的保安删除了,希望民警调查此事。   民警将双方带回派出所后了解到了事情的经过:当天13时许,在辖区某大厦上班的员工小静一个人去了趟女厕所,小静称,如厕时听到旁边隔间传来拍照的声音,且伴随着一束闪光灯。顿觉可疑的小静不动声色地走出厕所,并推门询问是否有人,“旁边厕所的门锁是坏的,门却被堵住,叫门也没人应。”随后小静将厕所门踹开后一下愣住了,里面竟然是一个男子。小静一把抓住该男子的衣服企图阻止其离开,并且大喊求救,男子被小静单位的老板等人抓住。   在询问中,被抓男子李某告诉民警自己今年23岁,在小静所在大厦做保安。李某称当时男厕没纸,无奈之下才进了女厕所。在发现有人进来后,头脑一热这才对旁边的女子进行了偷拍,并称自己已经删除照片,希望民警“宽大处理”。然而民警经过调查却发现,李某的手机中存有21日以来连续在女厕偷拍的照片100余张,李某这才对自己违法行为供认不讳。目前李某已被警方行政拘留。   扬子晚报记者 季宇轩相关的主题文章: