There are 60 days left in 2016 these good things you do not know the loss!

There are 60 days left in 2016 these good things you do not know the loss! Since after the National Day holiday Xiaobian has been unable to extricate themselves addicted to work imperceptibly to the US in November 2016 only 60 days. If you remove the weekend only 43 working days in 2016 has no national holidays in 2017 New Year’s Day is the only motivation but you don’t look down upon the next 60 days because of Shanghai will have a wave of good news hit every one and you may be careful to look at it closely Shanghai finally rain new moon are 11 finally not rain in the rain soaked so long to see the outside of the sun is not happy to control himself Shanghai sunny weather will until the weekend there are pictures and the truth of temperatures in the area immediately to the hula Lidongben after all the wind is really cold especially the two day minimum temperature has only 10 degrees feeling small cotton padded jacket can be worn up difficult Blame countless buddy in wailing I was from the north in the south the wolf was frozen into the dog from 4 to begin to have good weather for a heating process of more than 20 degrees and you have and cherish it as of October 30th Shanghai subway ticket "cloud ticket from the beginning of October 30th as long as you are" mobile phone Alipay "or" paid "APP can be achieved online to buy subway tickets! Line 2, Lujiazui Metro Line 11 Disney and line 10 Nanjing Road Station of the first pilot station you can scan the code on the spot ticket machine ticket directly or after that can not forget to work with traffic card that can quickly cover the entire subway station to achieve traffic to Alipay card charge value function that is more perfect now the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail opened in November 30th to look forward to for a long time the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail is finally opened in November 30th Yunnan high speed rail era has come the history of the highest value of railway officially unveiled Yan poetry and distance of the south go 350 miles an hour and then press the design speed calculated by train from Shanghai to Kunming as fast as 10 hours the existing Shanghai Kunming Railway to save nearly 27 hours in Dali, Lijiang, Cangshan, Erhai finally can see good scenery of Pudong airport will be built third terminal remember in August this year, was " Third Sea airport news now maxed out the official news "third airport" scheme is still pending Pudong airport is currently building a satellite hall plan in the first half of 2019 put into use in the fifth runway is expected next year in July put into use is mainly used for domestic large aircraft flight test with the passenger volume of Pudong Airport will continue to increase in the satellite office the south to build a third terminal is expected before 2035 when Pudong airport throughput will reach 120 million passengers terminal 3, 5 runway will form the Pudong airport terminal area first "street taxi was not afraid of rejection of the all life must have been taxi drivers experience the recent introduction of the new regulations may protect your legitimate rights this is the November 1st implementation of the" cruising taxi business service management regulations "provisions of rejection, bargaining, Shuaike Bypass, not issued by the provisions of the bill, such as the behavior of fine standards from the original 50 yuan to more than $200 to raise more than 200 yuan or less, I sincerely hope that the new regulations can be alleviated in相关的主题文章: