The World tyrants sing a new listing to open a new era of copyright operation of literary works –

The World tyrants sing the listing of the new open a new era – the whole literature copyright operation Sohu culture channel if 2014 is IP for the first year, 2015 is IP first year operation, so in 2016 can be said to be the IP industry chain first year, after years of accumulation of original works of polish, IP has formed a covers literature, animation, film and television, games and complete industrial chain derivatives. In November 3rd, IP super king of the World tyrants sing with new masterpiece "gold?" the gates of tianshic appeared in Hilton Beijing Hotel, open a new era of literary works copyright operational. Conference conference South pictures CEO Liu Chun; 1000 era chairman, central pictures President Chang Jihong; President of Xinhua pioneer Wang Xiaodong; vice president of the south culture Chen Cheng and many other heavyweight guests back to the scene, film, drama, drama, network games, books and derivatives, overseas copyright, digital copyright leaders are all present, interpretation of "gold? The strategic layout of the gates of tianshic" in all areas, from across the country nearly 300 media to buzz, multi frequency resonance, witnessed the "gold"? The last tianshic whole industry chain started to shock the time. The World tyrants sing tyrants of the world in recent years the long-awaited sing the latest masterpiece finally came out, according to the World tyrants sing: "gold?" is a new tomb raider series, including Zhiyi, suspense, adventure, the story still in twentieth Century 60s as the background, the "gold"? Is the new "gold gates tianshic?" the first of a series of new characters, new combination, new villain, mysterious new tomb, in horror, humor, moved to a China adventure novels. In all the land, open the door of life and death, a new fall series, will open a new underground mystery! The book tells the story of 1960s, a movement across the whole China go forward with great strength and vigour. I was assigned to the army, and the fat farm of Heilongjiang production and Construction Corps three Division No. 17 farm. With winter approaching, we arrange three people and old platoon correspondent pointed fruit left behind their care supplies, other people out of the farm tie. A few people keep the farm, but found in the warehouse of firewood is decreasing. Snow mountain, firewood is a few people. The original is a fox demon of revenge, sneak away firewood. Recently, a snowstorm swept not occur even in a hundred years, people design wants to grab the fox, but had fled from Siberia to the wolves. The people to escape, followed the fox into a hole in the earth, but accidentally entered a secret Millennium Liao tomb…… It is reported that the "gold?" series by Beijing Xinhua pioneer responsible for full copyright operation, full flowering in the field of film, network drama, drama, games, books and derivatives, overseas copyright, digital copyright, television drama will hire a producer of gold producer, renowned director producer, idol star power in the world. Ba sing will also participate in the written and directed, to ensure that the "gold" presentation effect?.   as one of the first to promote all IP interactive business, Xinhua Pioneer has been successfully operated for more super IP, and has the World tyrants sing dozens of literary works copyright, before the date of publication!相关的主题文章: