The woman singing made a circle of friends discontent caused the murder of her ex husband-queer as folk

The woman singing made a circle of friends ex husband dissatisfaction caused the murder of friends invited in karaoke singing a young woman singing happy picture video sent to the mobile phone circle of friends, let friends to share her happiness. Didn’t expect this message to her ex husband saw a horse, a horse with a few friends to come to nothing, the murder happened in chaos. In early September this year, the Dalian intermediate court, although the knife assailant is not a horse, because he is the principal case was sentenced to life imprisonment. Karaoke singing inexplicably beaten the evening of November 5, 2015, Ms. Lee and a male friend Lee, Hu Moumou, to eat at a restaurant in Zhuanghe city. More than 10 points late, four divertissement not to a karaoke singing, singing while you drink fun, Ms. Lee will be sending a singing video to mobile phone circle of friends. At this time, Ms. Li Ma ex husband at home, buddy Wang came to see him, accompanied by the king’s two friends, a no name, only know a nickname called "apple" (Gu Moumou) a nickname called "son" (Jiang Moumou). His ex-wife Ma see the circle of friends in a mobile phone video, including a singing man surnamed Ma and former colleagues, Lee drove a company car, a car will come to Malaysia to open his own. Ma worried that once the conflict at the expense of their own, called brothers surname Wang and other three people in the past with her, before Ma also called a few people take a guy, a few people with a baton, electric batons, Jiang Moumou from the house with a knife in his body. A horse into karaoke rooms, without demur Lee hand played a slap in the face, then hit other people with a baton, Ma did not reply directly to call friends. Lee (male) was the other with a baton and wounded the head fell to the ground after, Lee (male) struggled up, was the surname Wang with flashing electric spark electric batons. Anxious eyes Lee (male) and Wang Moumou snatch batons. In the confusion, the door was blocked by Hu Ma is wounded in the head fled to the corridor, being chased hit he went to a room, shut the door and escaped unharmed. To hit the baton in XXX picked up a beer bottle, beer bottle to the corner of the Jiang Moumou Moumou hiding too call, rushed to a knife in the knife after abdominal x, in a certain flight into the room and was hit with a baton horse. In the confusion, the sequel to Lee head was to break. Until someone called the police, several people left the scene. Friends will be affected by the cuts immediately drove to Zhuanghe Center Hospital in xxx. In a liver rupture died after rescue. "Private" outstanding four prisoners on a sentence after the incident, Ma Mou know a homicide, Wang Moumou give Lee asked to call the matter is public or private, Lee replied "private", however, this murder may not want to settle. Zhuanghe police investigation. Ma was arrested. In November 11th, fled to Chaoyang City Jianping county Wang Moumou, Gu Moumou persuaded his family, to the local police station to surrender. Ginger hiding everywhere was arrested by the police. The trial of the case, the defendant Jiang Moumou, Wang Moumou, Gu Moumou compensation for relatives of the victims of economic losses totaling 60 thousand yuan. Court trial相关的主题文章: