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The woman jumped off the car speeding drivers will she fainted in the car plug ran original title: Hefei | woman jumped to gallop car drivers will she fainted in the car ran plug Hefei east ring every vehicle The stream never stops flowing. in late October 25th 8, and near east ring and Datong Road intersection occurred breathtaking scene: a speeding the black car jumped out of a young woman, fall to the ground, remain unconscious on the spot. However, the man drove to see someone actually will alarm, a woman in the car to leave in a hurry. This scene so that the owners are worried about passing, we worry about the safety of women, have the police for help. Currently, the district police have been involved in investigating the matter. The black car is speeding young woman jumping broke out in late October 25th 8, the owner Mr. Zhou (a pseudonym) driving along the northern part of South East, came to the ring. At this time on the road more traffic, speed is also very fast. When the car traveling to the vicinity of the main road, Zhou master suddenly saw a thrilling scene in front of. I heard a bang, found in front of the car suddenly jumped out of a person, fell on the ground." Zhou said the master, due to inertia, fell on the ground a few laps, and then motionless. Next to a black car immediately brakes, driving a few meters before stopping. Zhou master had followed in the sudden scene, he was surprised to stop. "I just saw, fell on the ground is a woman, the hair is very elegant, feeling very young, about 20 years old." Zhou said the master, seems to have injuries, the woman lying motionless in the fast lane, no response. "Behind the owners are also scared, but fortunately the light is very bright, if the light is not clear, with the car is likely to roll over." The man driving the car off her back to launch it in weeks off the master, stopped in front of the black car down a man, the man went to the woman stooped to look at the scene, and then stood for a moment. "People are lost, normal people must be very anxious, but this man is very strange, a little excited mood are not." Zhou said the master at the rear has stopped many vehicles, see someone falls on the ground, well intentioned owners have come to visit, asked whether to help the police. May be unexpected is that the man is still not saying a word, asked what he would ignore, "we let him hurriedly call 120, the injured woman to the hospital, but he did not." Last week, the master can not help but to call the police, the man has made more strange move, he saw the police, without demur straight to the woman, will pick up into the car. Before the police not to the scene, a black car swiftly ran away. Women’s safety is still unknown Interpol has locked the license plate, the woman was stuffed into the back seat." Zhou said the master, the black sedan suddenly left, left at the scene of the owners full belly of suspicion. Why are men so afraid of the police? Where is he going to take her?" Worried about the woman in danger, the owners have to call the police. Reporters learned from the police, after receiving a good owner of the alarm, the area police station rushed to the scene, when the black car has left, the police along the direction of the disappearance of the car ya相关的主题文章: