The White House ordered the U.S. military officials to talk about Sino US relations to disable the p

The White House ordered: U.S. military officials on Sino American relations to disable " power " – the first disclosure of Sohu U.S. military channel "Navy times" magazine 26, White House officials said The Pentagon has banned the Sino US relations with "the power" in Sino US relations tend to be described as in the military competition state of vocabulary. Some experts believe that the United States and Chinese, the white house move to stable relations, "power" and other tough rhetoric is not conducive to the development of us China relations. The White House to The Pentagon under the order of February this year, the United States Secretary of defense Ashton? Carter said, "the Asia Pacific region has returned to power, China is on the rise". The chief of naval operations John? Richardson in its maritime strategy will also Chinese and Russia called "main rival power". However, 4 sources told the "Navy times", the White House has issued a confidential document, and then use the powers expressly prohibited The Pentagon wrestling "instead of" seditious "weak". The United States Department of Defense spokesman Peter? Cook refused to comment on the matter, said the Defense Department is generally not "internal policies or policy discussions, especially those who do not complete (file or discussion)" comment. The gag reports also alerted the Capitol hill. In a recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Carter and Secretary of defense? Cotton to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Joseph? Deng Fude asked: "we are now in power and Chinese are?" What he got was a sure answer, and Carter did not forget to add the word "absolutely right."". The relationship between China and the United States should not be over simplified. The Navy times is a weekly magazine for the United States Navy and its relatives. The media analysis, this situation shows that when dealing with China, the White House and The Pentagon want to take different measures. Carter has been Chinese and Russia as a "high-end" enemy "power" by the Ministry of defense for the development of advanced weapons and reason. But The Pentagon’s confrontational language often leaves the White House with a headache, as it seeks to go beyond security. The U.S. government officials and experts believe that the vocabulary is not too accurate in the United States and Chinese collision orbit, complex relations between the United States and China was the "power struggle" is a word over simplified. Senior officials said the U.S. government unwilling to disclose the identity of a telephone interview, the White House for us "differences and competition" understand, but always as much as possible to talk about cooperation". The center for strategic and international studies China power project director Lai Ge and Michael of the Brookings Institution? Aohanlun mainstream experts also issued a ban on the White House said support. The United States military tactic China and globalization think tank researcher Chu Yin believes that "power" is a word that should not be used, both sides should control differences, avoid growing tensions. Yin also believes that the White House on the one hand can be regarded as the release of goodwill, on the other hand, can also be seen in Barack, the Obama administration is trying to avoid and control conflicts. Chinese modern international relations.相关的主题文章: