The user iPhone America charging explosion free of charge for the new apple-peepsamurai

U.S. user iPhone charging exploded Apple free replacement [Abstract] users were not injured in the explosion, but the explosion of iPhone 6 Plus destroyed her bedside cabinet, a pair of glasses, and a Apple Watch charging base. Recently, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosive news constantly, and it seems that rival Apple also joined the "unwilling to remain out of the limelight, with vigour and vitality of the explosion. According to the latest reports from ABC30, another apple iPhone 6 Plus recently exploded when charging. It is reported that the explosive client is from the United States California Fresno user Yvette Estrada, and now her iPhone 6 Plus has been completely unusable. It was reported that the explosion took place between Thursday night and Friday morning, when Yvette Estrada’s iPhone 6 Plus was charging her charger, and she was sleeping as usual. At about 3 a.m., Yvette Estrada was suddenly awakened by a loud noise, and then smelled the smell of plastic burning, and the charging of iPhone 6 Plus has been emitting black smoke. This iPhone is Yvette Estrada Plus 6 in the three months before the purchase, and in the explosion occurred after second days, Yvette Estrada immediately contacted the Apple Corp and will send mobile phone explosion photos to customer service, at the same time she received apple to provide free replacement of the new machine should be back. Fortunately, Yvette Estrada was not injured in the explosion, but the explosion of iPhone 6 Plus destroyed her bedside cabinet, a pair of glasses and a Apple Watch charging base. This is not the first explosion of iPhone 6 Plus in recent time. Earlier this week, an American college student named Darina Hlavaty, who was sitting on the bottom of his ass, iPhone 6 Plus, suddenly had a fire when he was in class, and he burned a big hole in his jeans. At present, the specific reason for the two time is unclear, but there is a lot of energy shortages of batteries or lines short circuit problems. At present, Apple has begun to investigate two events, but there is still no final survey results.

美国用户iPhone充电发生爆炸 苹果免费换新 [摘要]用户并未在爆炸中受伤,只不过爆炸的iPhone 6 Plus损毁了她的床头柜、一副眼镜以及一个Apple Watch的充电底座。最近三星Galaxy Note 7爆炸的消息不断,而似乎老对手苹果也不甘寂寞,加入到了这“轰轰烈烈”的爆炸事件中。 根据ABC30的最新报道显示,最近又有一台苹果iPhone 6 Plus在充电时发生了爆炸事件。据悉,这位爆炸当事人是来自美国加州Fresno的用户Yvette Estrada,而现在她的这台iPhone 6 Plus已经彻底无法使用了。据悉,这起爆炸时间发生在当地时间本周四晚上到周五凌晨的时候,当时Yvette Estrada的iPhone 6 Plus正连着充电器充电,而她正在和往常一样熟睡。就在凌晨3点左右,Yvette Estrada突然被一声巨响惊醒,并且随后闻到了塑料燃烧的味道,而正在充电的iPhone 6 Plus已经冒出了黑烟。这台iPhone 6 Plus是Yvette Estrada在三个月之前购买,而在爆炸事件发生后的第二天,Yvette Estrada就立刻联系了苹果公司并且将手机爆炸的照片发送给了客服,同时她收到了苹果提供免费更换新机的回应。幸运的是,Yvette Estrada并未在爆炸中受伤,只不过爆炸的iPhone 6 Plus损毁了她的床头柜、一副眼镜以及一个Apple Watch的充电底座。这已经不是最近一段时间iPhone 6 Plus的第一起爆炸时间了。本周早些时候,一位名叫Darina Hlavaty的美国大学生坐在屁股下面的iPhone 6 Plus同样在上课的时候突然起火,并且将自己的牛仔裤烧出了一个大洞。目前两起时间的具体原因还不清楚,不过很有可能源自有缺陷的电池或线路短路问题。目前苹果已经开始调查两起事件,但是目前依然没有最终的调查结果。相关的主题文章: