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The unexpected achievements of the unique beauty of the riverside village – Fuding riverside village in Fujian tourism Sohu said a mediocre ability looks glamorous young men and women, there will be such a voice: pretty as live beautiful. It’s like he’s really alive and beautiful. Say bluntly, the temperament of the person that says this is general trend, silk, because the person that really lives beautiful will appreciate the look of the past to look at the face to be able to bear in the past and say. They have lived to understand. Pretty is not only a technology live, in addition to the father and mother of this gene "and" conditions, estimation and farming time and place of God he was feeling whether happy day is. Just think, in the array of hundreds of millions of sperm, not this one is not that one is just the most beautiful one with the most powerful attitude won the eggs were graced the right, this is a matter of how sophisticated the small probability event! After all, heaven and hell only separated by a wall, poor dwarf rub and rich handsome perhaps in an idea. Natural beauty is not easy, to continue to keep the value of the color level is not more than any one simple venture. You don’t see, Edison Chan accidentally Zhao Benshan? And Liu Xiaoqing grandmother to 60+ old age in the United States and young girls, do you think she can only pocket money can do? The heart of the goddess Maggie Cheung once women have withered even old please! Beautiful + persistent pretty = very tired thing. So, as long as their hotties in charge of beauty can let the public eye, how can we have asked them to high IQ EQ? The beauty of the world, if not born, the day after tomorrow to create (emperor are extremely disgusting) out of something often with deliberate traces. Because, to build itself too clear, and to clear the project must be too utilitarian with chicken. However, there is an exception. This type of exception events leading to the beautiful therein, basically with a feature of a poem to describe, that is: flowers flowers open, the gander. The original intention of doing this thing is actually A, the result has been a derivative B. The emergence of B has its inevitability, but what kind of attitude is very accidental, some of them like sperm + egg combination, full of possibilities and uncertainties. Because there is no deliberate design, so full of smart, because there is no so-called building, so beyond the imagination of mankind. The B, which is likely to be of no value in the minds of the people who originally created it, was found to be worth another part of the "boring" human being, sometimes called a photographer. Here the derivatives B we refer to the riverside village of Seine river called: eight foot fence door. How does it sound like the six doors! Eight feet is not eight feet in the door fence door, just because the majority of photographers shoot along the Xiapu Shen speed after eight feet when the door will see these irregular round fence. So it is rude to take a name: eight foot fence door. Where is the real net of Fuding city riverside village, high-speed exit from Fuding y相关的主题文章: