The uncle of Haining has inverted triangle but he is a

The Haining uncle has inverted triangle shape but he is a painter in my impression, the painter is a thin appearance, so like his brush to some artistic taste. Recently, I have this knowledge was broken by Lin Yong. Under the painter’s gown, also can have a fit body. The studio first bodybuilder in Haining city mayor Dai road map art studio, the first time I met Lin yong. He was wearing a tracksuit, my first feeling is not strong, I reckon him in his early seven meters tall, weighed in at sixty kilograms, but Lin Yong told me that his weight is heavier than I expected a lot. What I did not expect is that after seeing his fitness photos, I was shocked. The whole body presents the shape of inverted triangle, a muscular body, like Michelangelo’s David sculpture, the so-called dressing thin, strip meat, said it is probably so. Lin Yong is the old Haining people, 47 years old this year. Talking with him in the process, I found that he does not have a clear concept of time, a few months ago, a few years ago, he can’t say a number, "off the flow of time, time on me doesn’t seem to exist." He smiled and said that he was not very good at math at school, not sensitive to numbers. Indeed, time on him as if he didn’t exist, aerobics has a history of thirty years, thanks to the annual exercise. He looks a lot younger than their actual age, if ten years younger, is not what a compliment. No one knew he was drawing a picture. He was a graduate of The China Academy of Art in 1988. He went to school every day. When the fitness craze is not the rise in the country, in his painting students, many seem worthless. "Even with the current perspective, the statue of David’s body is still strong, and painting is the art of expression of beauty, the two are interlinked." The studio of the statue of David is static, and the screen of American action star Stallone, Schwarzenegger brought a stronger visual impact, the body muscles so many people envy, Lin Yong is one of them. A finished drawing, he began to exercise, regardless of the weather. After graduation, Lin Yong returned to Haining. At that time, to the place of the fitness is not much, then he found the Haining weightlifting team training base, training day, last night he was training, and thus met the weightlifting team coach Cai Bingwen, Cai Bingwen is also the first Haining fitness coach, he guided how to grasp Lin Yong bodybuilding knowledge, and exercise science, is a teacher, also is a friend. Lin Yong, who has been obsessed with the fitness of the road, has already obtained the national level social sports instructor and the national two level of fitness referee qualification, and has begun to hold the referee work in the bodybuilding competitions held throughout the country. The Academy of fine arts graduate students, farther side, drawing for work delay, bodybuilding every day does not fall, barbell dumbbell playing light. Bodybuilding circle of the people to practice sports origin, no one knows that Lin Yong was a painting. Recently, Lin Yong in Zhoushan, Jiaxing and other places on the bodybuilding championship as a referee, and met the referee for more than and 10 years, and met with the same as Cheng Luming. During the road to see Lin Yong circle of friends in the painting,.相关的主题文章: