The ultra guaranteed water level flood in the wusuri river is the defense work in Heilongjiang Provi-dachiyouxiang

The Wusuli River to ensure the water level of flood in Heilongjiang province do defense work site news affected by the recent rainfall and runoff in Russia, the Sino Russian border river Ussuri Jianggan water level continued to rise, to ensure the water level of flood occurred in upper and middle reaches. The upstream water level stations (Heilongjiang stellers Jixi) in September 7th 8 when the water level rose to 53 meters, and the warning level (53 meters) flat, 10 days 23 when the water level rose to 54.07 meters, more than the guaranteed water level (54.05 meters) 0.02 meters, 13 days 15 when peak water level 54.88 meters, more than the guaranteed water level (54.05 meters) 0.83 m, 1951 observed data. First, 16, 17 when the water level dropped to 54.37 meters, more than the guaranteed water level (54.05 meters) 0.32 meters, has a total of 10 days over the warning level, ensure the water level of 7 days; the middle level (Heilongjiang Shuangyashan) River station 14 days 8 when the water level rose to 97.86 meters, more than the warning level of 0.01 meters (97.85 meters), 15 days 12 when the water level rose to 98.20 meters, and ensure the water level (98.20 meters) flat, 16 days 17 when the water level rose to 98.48 meters, more than the guaranteed water level (98.20 meters) 0.28 meters, is expected to 17 will appear to ensure the water level The peak water level is about 0.40 meters, and the downstream Hai Qing water level station (Heilongjiang Fuyuan) rises to 99.49 meters at 17:30 on the 16 th, which is lower than the warning level (100.30 meters), 0.81 meters. It is expected that there will be a flood peak level of 0.20 meters above the 21 warning level before 21 days. National headquarters attaches great importance to the Wusuli River flood defense work, national headquarters deputy commander, the Ministry of Water Resources Minister Chen Lei presided over the chamber of Commerce will be put forward clear requirements for defense work. The national civil air defense office closely monitor rainfall hydrological flood, earlier issued a notice to make arrangements to guide local authorities in flood prevention work. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the national headquarters, Heilongjiang province flood prevention work to do. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, provincial Party Secretary Wang Xiankui Huang Jiansheng were given instructions, put forward specific requirements for defense work, Sheng Fangzhi commander, vice governor Lv Weifeng repeatedly arrangements for flood prevention work, Sheng Fangzhi advance to the coasts of the Ussuri River and flood prevention and early warning notice, sent 1 working groups and 3 expert groups, guide where do the work of flood control in the area along the Yangtze River; the main leaders and responsible posts in place at all levels quickly, timely start emergency response, flood control and rescue work to do. The total call bags 220 thousand, color of the cloth is 45 thousand square meters, 45 thousand square meters of geotextile; use 105 excavators, transport vehicles 186, drainage pump 2 sets, 11 vessels; the organization of 7100 people on the embankment patrol and rescue, grab building dike 19 kilometers, 12, processing piping piping group 2, repair dikes 23.9 kilometers of road embankment 3 pressure infiltration. According to preliminary statistics, the affected River backwater and intrusion, Heilongjiang city of Hulin Province, Shuangyashan city has 43 thousand and 100 acres of farmland flooded, has not received reports of casualties, detailed statistics are in the disaster. The Wusulijiang River, the two sides to strengthen the main hydrological stations in the exchange of information sharing, collaborative scheduling reservoir flood control project, river flood prevention work well together. The Wusuli River flood mainly from the territory of Russia, the Russian Primorye in Wusu River and Suifenhe River Basin suffered serious flood disaster, Russian Federation civil defense, emergency and eliminate the consequences of natural disasters, the request of the Department, national headquarters coordination Yajian the Songhua River basin of Nenjiang Nilki reservoir, second Songhua River and the Wusuli River reservoir, Suifenhe reservoir water flow, the full support of Russia to carry out flood relief work.

乌苏里江超保证水位洪水 黑龙江省做防御工作   本站讯 受近期降雨和俄罗斯境内来水影响,中俄界河乌苏里江干流水位持续上涨,上中游发生超保证水位洪水。其中上游虎头水位站(黑龙江鸡西)9月7日8时水位涨至 53.00米,与警戒水位(53.00米)持平,10日23时水位涨至54.07米,超过保证水位(54.05米)0.02米,13日15时洪峰水位 54.88米,超过保证水位(54.05米)0.83米,列1951年有实测资料以来第1位,16日17时水位回落至54.37米,超过保证水位 (54.05米)0.32米,已累计超警戒水位10天,超保证水位7天;中游饶河水位站(黑龙江双鸭山)14日8时水位涨至97.86米,超过警戒水位 (97.85米)0.01米,15日12时水位涨至98.20米,与保证水位(98.20米)持平,16日17时水位涨至98.48米,超过保证水位 (98.20米)0.28米,预计17日将出现超保证水位0.40米左右的洪峰水位;下游海青水位站(黑龙江抚远)16日17时30分水位涨至99.49 米,低于警戒水位(100.30米)0.81米,预计21日前后将出现超警戒水位0.20米左右的洪峰水位。   国家防总高度重视乌苏里江洪水防御工作,国家防总副总指挥、水利部部长陈雷多次主持会商会,对防御工作提出明确要求。国家防办密切监视雨情水情汛情,提前下发通知进行安排部署,指导地方做好抗洪抢险工作。   按照国家防总的统一部署,黑龙江省全力做好抗洪抢险工作。省委书记王宪魁、省委副书记黄建盛分别作出批示,对防御工作提出明确要求,省防指总指挥、副省长 吕维峰多次安排部署洪水防御工作,省防指提前向乌苏里江沿岸市县发出预警和洪水防范通知,派出1个工作组和3个专家组,指导地方做好防汛抗洪工作;沿江各 地区主要领导和各级责任人迅速上岗到位,及时启动应急响应,全力以赴做好防洪抢险工作。全省累计调用编织袋22万条、彩条布4.5万平方米、土工布4.5 万平方米;动用挖掘机105台、运输车辆186台、排水泵车2台、船只11艘;组织7100人上堤巡查和抢险,抢筑子堤19公里,处理管涌12处、管涌群 2处,抢修堤防道路23.9公里,压渗堤防3处。   据初步统计,受江水顶托和倒灌影响,黑龙江省虎林市、双鸭山市有4.31万亩农田受淹,未收到人员伤亡报告,详细灾情正在统计中。   乌苏里江为中俄界河,双方加强主要水文站点信息交换共享,协同调度水库等防洪工程,团结做好界河洪水防御工作。此次乌苏里江洪水主要来自俄罗斯境内,俄罗 斯滨海边疆区乌苏里江及绥芬河流域遭受严重洪涝灾害,应俄罗斯联邦民防、紧急情况和消除自然灾害后果部请求,国家防总协调压减了松花江流域嫩江尼尔基水 库、第二松花江丰满水库以及乌苏里江、绥芬河相关水库的下泄流量,全力支持俄方开展抗洪救灾工作。相关的主题文章: