The UK Championship decider Ding Junhui 1-61 after 6-5 lore into the second round (video)

The UK Championship decider Ding Junhui 1-61 after 6-5 lore into the second round of the New World Snooker rankings ranked fourth Ding Junhui Ding Junhui (information) Tencent sports news November 23rd 20162017 season Snooker Championship started in the first round, Ding Junhui suffered 39 years old Brazil veteran Gredo philippines. Ding Junhui started a 4-1 lead, then lost 4 opponents to get match point, when Ding Junhui resisted pressure to save the series, achieve a comeback in the final 1-61 behind, the final 6-5 victory over Figueiredo, successfully into the UK Championship second round. This season Ding Junhui won the Shanghai Grand Prix, breaking the 29 month ranking tournament since the shortage, the State Championships finals crown crown semifinals. Ying Jin, Ding Junhui had previously won the championship in 2005 and two in 39, the first round of the tournament suffered a veteran of the Brazil veteran, Figueiredo, is also the first time in the race for the first time in the match against the two person in the world in the first round of the tournament, the first time in the first round of the tournament, the United states. In the first game, Ding Junhui won the chance to lead through long Taiwan, 14 Taiwan long spell again after failure, Figueiredo then pounce, scored 25 points to the basketball into the bag. Defensive fighting Ding Junhui missed a series on the mobile phone, Ding Junhui made high quality snooker, Figueiredo solution ball basketball penalty ball, Ding Junhui 61-43 extended after the top of the bag into the basketball is not simple. Duoqing 61-61 Figg Lei Ping, Ding Junhui black in over two libraries to grab the ball into the black bag in take the set. Ding Junhui in the second inning to kick off to leave a long table, Figueiredo long table into the precision, scored 20 points into the defense. Ding Junhui benches fight into the red ball, then play basketball ball directly fried heap, 30-20 called a ball into the defensive mistakes. After Ding Junhui get the chance again, but after 43-20 pole hit bottom red bag, finally a red ball for Ding Junhui mistakes screen bag opportunity, how long after the Qing Taiwan Taiwan Figueiredo scored to win this bureau, 1-1. In third, after kicking into a defensive battle, the red pile was gradually broken up, Figueiredo with precise long continuous fight into red, third long Taiwan after sticking red ball into the green ball, Figueiredo fight top bag yellow ball, but the ball then fell bags. Ding Junhui long scored after the establishment of the leading edge of 34-3, wrapped in the bucket in the fall of the bag, once again, Ding Junhui again after the start of the game to get this game, 2-1 again lead. In the fourth game, Taiwan scored with long Figueiredo coffee ball snooker, Ding Junhui was a spherical penalty, but then Ding Junhui answered with a high quality of the defense, Figueiredo even lost a penalty of two strokes first. Since then, Ding Junhui once again through the opportunity to get long, single pole 70+ win this game 3-1 lead. 15 minutes after the break, Figueiredo in the fifth inning to fight long table at the bottom of the bag, the red ball into the opportunity to leave, Ding Junhui scored 24 points after the choice of defense called bit errors. Then Ding Junhui again won the chance to play the ball, throw the bag at the end of the 44-0, Figueiredo did not have the opening stages of the sharp, scored 8 points after the failure, Ding Junhui then scored a victory of this bureau, expand the advantages of 4-1. The sixth game, Figueiredo back long a accuracy, first started scored 40 points after the interruption. Figueiredo in the fight for the world’s long fight not long相关的主题文章: