The U.S. – opponent draws back the match Djokovic for 10 consecutive years in the top 4, Monfils 3-0-g227

The U.S. – opponent draws back the match Djokovic for 10 consecutive years in the top 4, Monfils 3-0- sports Sohu Beijing time on September 7th morning, the 2016 U.S. Open Grand Slam tennis match continues, at the end of the first two singles in 14 finals, the defending champion 6-3 6-2 Djokovic won two hours, third disc Teson and retire, Djokovic back again match ceremony for ten consecutive years into the semi-finals. Another game, "the French Civil War" in the No. 10 seed Monfils of 6-4 6-3 6-3 three straight sets victory over No. 24 seed pouy, his first US Open Men’s singles semi-finals. 2-0 (6-3 6-2 Djokovic Tsonga match draws back the match) HD photo: Djokovic pointing Jiangshan swing valor as God domineering overflowing Druid is the current US defending champion, on the season four Grand Slam win three titles this season, Djokovic won the Australian Open and French Open champion, but then the state of decline, Wimbledon and the Olympics early out. The current US Djokovic received two consecutive retirement ceremony, advance to the quarterfinals after the opponent is the number 11 seed Tsonga, had two people played 21 games, a small German 15 wins 6 negative advantage. The first game in the opening stage, issued their own security level 2-2, a small German after the first break in the sixth inning, then although Tsonga tenacious back breaking, but even then a small German Paul with a broken 6-3 to win the first set. The second game, Djokovic third inning break, then difficult to break the small German Tsonga serve, Djokovic once again after the break to win 6-2 second. The third game Super loose gajin injury retire, Djokovic successfully advance to the semi-finals for ten consecutive years, scoring the US Open semi-finals. Monfils 3-0 (6-4 6-3 6-3) Monfils pouy is the tournament No. 10 seed, promotion of the road performance is strong, not lost a quarter finals. This round opponent is the number 24 seed Monfils pouy, cut the road straight and two of Spain’s Nadal Agut. The first game at the beginning of their own security, 3-3 flat seventh Bureau Monfils to seize the opportunity to break, then break to keep the end of the disc, 6-4 won the first set 1-0 lead. Second Monfils to continue to be strong, start level 1-1 after the third inning to complete the break, the way 5-3 Paul made up second disc, pouy non insurance can not serve again suffered a break, Monfils won second disc 6-3. The third set of Puyi still did not complete the break, Monfils the fourth inning to break, the final 6-3 win the third set. After 2 hours of play, Monfils three straight sets defeat pouy, career for the first time in the US men’s singles semi-finals, while also following the 2008 French Open after second previous Grand Slam semifinal. (Feng Qingyang)相关的主题文章: