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The two brothers back from Sichuan to Guangdong abducted 24 years away from home, mother of 6, Xiang Hong Xing Cun Luzhou, Gulin County, a small child and mother living together, the place has become vacant, Wang Chuanyuan is ready to settle down here ". 24 years later, the mother and son were reunited with three people and took a picture in front of the old family. Xie Bangxia returned to his hometown after 24 years, already have changed. The neighbour week’s mother-in-law also recognizes Xie Bangxia, saying that she is fat. The two children was four or five years old, her mother was abducted, such a tragedy happened in 24 years ago. 24 years later, at 11 o’clock in the evening of October 5, 2016, his son came to Sichuan from Luzhou to Guangdong. Finally, he returned his mother and went back to the place where his mother and son once lived together. Neighbors mother-in-law Zhou saw their mother and child reunion, could not help but sigh: "they have put the mother back pension, rare." Abducted mother abducted two children left home, "Mom, I see you! Mom, I was late, you can not see me!" in October 6th 6 in the evening, in a barren slope of two Township, Gulin County of Luzhou City, the Red Star Village, Xie Bangxia in the grave before the sound tore heart crack lung cries, she can’t is the mother of filial piety. Because Xie Bangxia abducted has been away from home for 24 years, two year National Day to get her son back home. Was abducted, the two sons of Xie Bangxia was five or six years old, now go home, her son had grown up, Wang Chuanyuan has been 28 years old, Wang Chuanjiong is 30 years old. 7 1992 the 2th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar morning, just after dawn. Someone knocked on the door of Xie Bangxia’s home, said that her mother was seriously ill and soon died, so she hurried back home to. For a time, the family was bewildered by the news. Wang Chuanyuan was only 4 years old, and he was 5 years old. She was going out with her uncle, crying and trying to follow. "At that time, fortunately, my grandmother took out a bag of sugar to coax me, otherwise, I also followed the mother was abducted, now do not know where." Wang Chuanyuan said that there was no news for a week after her mother came back to her mother’s home. After she went home, she asked her mother, "there is no such thing as grandma’s illness." Talking about her childhood experience, Wang Chuanyuan says, it’s not clear now, and these are all that relatives told him when they grew up. Wang Xubin, more than 80, is still emotionally excited about the abduction of Xie Bangxia, the daughter-in-law of his daughter-in-law. He said that Xie Bangxia was abducted when his son is in jail because of a mistake, during the "less than half three years of labor time, daughter-in-law was abducted, leaving two five or six year old children." Dad Dutch act two brothers changes poison an orphan, "Mom was abducted when dad was in prison, he was released from prison after coming out, have everywhere to find, looking for a few years still to no avail." Wang Chuanyuan said that his father had experienced the twists and turns of life, after coming out everything, finally drank pesticide in 2000 Dutch act. At that time, Wang Chuanyuan was just 12 years old and was still in primary school. In a few years, the children of ten years experienced two great changes, first without mother and later orphaned. Wang Chuanyuan felt a little numb when he talked about the past. He said he had thought of looking for a mother when he was a child, but he didn’t find it at all. The reporter asked Wang Chuanyuan about the memory of his childhood, he thought for a long time, touched his head, a confused face, what to say. Leaving home and leaving home for a part-time job, two brothers "nowhere to settle home", Wang Chuanyuan and Wang Chuanjiong became orphans, and lived with grandparents. But after reading the primary school, Grandpa and Grandma could not afford to read the middle school again. In 2002, Wang Chuanyuan said, he went to Fujian to work in Quanzhou where Aunt Wang Chuanjiong is his brother, out late a year later also went to Guangdong. "I’ve been working in a restaurant in Guangdong these years, and I didn’t go back to my home once." Wang Chuanjiong, 30, has not been a family yet. He said he had a car sickness when he came out of his home. "The jaundice all the way was spit out, and he didn’t like to take a car." And because there was no mother, he never returned to a place where he grew up. Younger brother Wang Chuanyuan is more competent than his brother and is a technician in a shoe factory in Quanzhou, Fujian. Now, Wang Chuanyuan has a car that belongs to his own. He said the annual Spring Festival basically to a trip back home, because here there is his grandfather, uncle, uncle, aunt, aunt, uncle, and his mother’s uncle, uncle, those relatives still come back every year, he will go to string door. "But I haven’t bought a house yet, I don’t know where the home is." To find a mother, a letter a dozen years ago, became the only clue from going out to work, Wang Chuanyuan and Wang Chuanjiong, the two brothers, had been trying to find their mother. In the years after Xie Bangxia was abducted, "a neighbour once said she had seen her on the other side of Guangdong." So my brother Wang Chuanjiong went to Guangdong. Later, Wang Chuanyuan’s uncle and aunt took out a letter that Xie Bangxia had sent to his home more than a dozen years ago. "When my mother wrote, she sent a picture of her life over there." Wang Chuanyuan said, but because his uncle Xie Bangzheng several years ago had lived in a house, the old house demolition, the letter can not find. It was good that his aunt had a good memory, and he remembered the address of the letter Xie Bangxia had sent at the time. "Last May, I and my cousin Wang Chuanlu, according to his mother began to find the address of the letter." Wang Chuanyuan said that the address of his mother’s letter was Changling village, Jiedong District, Jieyang, Guangdong province. Before I went there, I found a place like this on Baidu map, but I was very upset before I went there, because I had been sending letters from my mother for over 10 years, and I don’t know whether she is still alive and whether she still lives there. Wang Chuanyuan said, no matter what, he has the ability to search for his mother now. He must go to see it himself, or he will not feel at ease for life. Fortunately, despite the twists and turns, but after he went, he still found his mother. His son shouted "Mom", she burst into tears and ran away with his cousin Wang Chuanlu Wang Chuanyuan said, work together to find the mother, arrived in Guangdong Jieyang Changling village that day, it was already dark, but second days went to ask, but failed to do so. Later, we sought help from the police station, and sent messages through their photos in their search network. Finally, I decided that mom was in the village and still alive. On the second day, the police station told Wang Chuanyuan to be a person. "When my mother was abducted, I was still small, do not remember her mother’s appearance, but go with my church brother is five or six years older than me, my mother was abducted before he was ten years old, he still remember my mother. After seeing the police station call cousin who is very sure to tell me, that is my mother! "Wang Chuanyuan said, he shouted her mom," wow "sound of crying and ran away. She was a little silly, and not to express feelings, I know her son, but can not accept." With the picture, his mother cried when the picture is completely different. This visit, Wang Chuanyuan said that he could accept, he said, to find the mother, more is to do a filial piety, "Okay, it’s not too late." Asked about the passing of the abduction, Xie Bangxia said that when she left home with the people, how to take a car, where she went, now she can not remember. She asked her if she had thought about her two sons after she went to Guangdong. She didn’t want to come back. She said "dare not", and no one was willing to take her out of the village. Will choose to respect mother, mother’s brother moved to Guangdong now to find the mother, a lot of things that have got, but also that there is a fate." Wang Chuanyuan said that although he had experienced a marriage before, the first child also read the primary school, but he felt that he had never found a home. The two brothers come back from her mother this time, and do two things. First of all to the account mother solution, "mom still" black households ". On the other side of Guangdong, there was a family and adopted a girl, but there was no account. " "There is" home "," even in the house on the house, even in the building of a house, also have a feeling of home. " About where Xie Bangxia lived, the two brothers said they had asked their mother, "respect their mother’s wishes and stay in Guangdong stepfather’s life." For his brother, Wang Chuanjiong, because he was not married, they wanted to solve the problem of his mother’s residence, and as his mother moved to his stepfather. "In the future, but also for us to take care of the old couple."

兄弟二人从四川到广东 找回被拐离乡24年的母亲 6日,泸州市古蔺县马嘶乡红星村,小时候和母亲一起生活的地方已成空地,王传渊准备在这里重新“安家”。24年后,母子三人团聚,在老家门前合影。谢帮霞24年后回到家乡,早已物是人非。邻居周婆婆还能认得出谢帮霞,说她长胖了。两个孩子才四五岁,妈妈却被拐走了,这样的悲剧发生在24年前。24年后,2016年10月5日晚上11点过,儿子千里寻母,从四川泸州到广东揭阳,终于将妈妈找回来了,回到了母子曾经一起生活的地方。邻居周婆婆看到他们母子团聚后,忍不住感慨:“他们不远千里把妈找回来养老,难得哟。”被拐母亲被拐离家,留下两个孩子“妈,我来看你了!妈妈呀,我回来晚了,你都看不到我了啊!”10月6日傍晚6点,在泸州市古蔺县马嘶乡红星村二社的一块荒山坡,谢帮霞在坟冢前一声声撕心裂肺的呼喊,她再也不能为母尽孝了。因为谢帮霞被拐离乡已24年之久,两个儿子今年国庆节才把她接回老家。当年被拐时,谢帮霞的两个儿子才五六岁,现在回家了,她的儿子早已长大成人,王传渊已经28岁,王传炯30岁。1992年农历腊月初二早上7点,天刚亮不久。有人敲开了谢帮霞的家门,说她母亲生了重病,快要咽气了,让她赶紧回娘家去。一时间,一家人被这个消息弄得手足无措。王传渊那会儿才4岁多,还差几天才满5岁,看着妈妈就要跟着堂舅出门,一个劲儿哭,想要跟着一块儿去。“当时,幸亏我奶奶拿出了一包糖来哄我,要不然,我也跟着妈妈被拐走了,现在也不知道会在哪里了。”王传渊说,母亲回娘家后一个星期都没消息,家人之后去娘家问,“根本就没有外婆病危这回事,这才晓得被拐卖了。”谈起儿时的经历,王传渊说,现在已经记不清了,这些都是长大后,亲戚们告诉他的。今年80多岁的王绪彬,谈起儿媳妇谢帮霞被拐卖一事,依然情绪激动。他说,谢帮霞被拐走的那年,他的儿子因为犯错,正处于坐牢期间,“三年的劳改时间还没到一半,儿媳妇却被拐走了,留下了两个五六岁的娃儿。”变故爸爸服毒自杀,两兄弟成了孤儿“妈妈被拐走的时候,爸爸正在坐牢,等他刑满释放出来以后,也曾经到处都去找过,找了几年依然无果。”王传渊说,他爸爸原本就经历了人生的波折,出来后又诸事不顺,最终在2000年喝农药自杀了。那时,王传渊才刚满12岁,还在读小学。十来岁的孩子,短短几年时间里,就经历了两大变故,先是没了妈,后来又变成了孤儿。每当谈起这些过往,王传渊感觉自己都有些麻木了。他说,小时候也有想过要找妈妈,可是根本就无从找起。记者问王传渊关于童年的记忆,他想了半天,摸了摸头,一脸迷茫,什么都讲不出来。离家少小离家打工,两兄弟“无处安家”王传渊和王传炯成为孤儿以后,跟着爷爷奶奶生活。但是读完了小学,爷爷奶奶就再也供不起他们读中学了。2002年的时候,王传渊说,他去福建泉州投奔在那里打工的二姑,王传炯比弟弟晚出去一年,之后也去了广东。“这些年我一直在广东的一家餐厅打工,其间一次都没回过老家。”今年30岁的王传炯,至今还没成家,他说从老家出来的时候,他晕车,“一路上黄疸都吐出来了,不喜欢坐车。”也因为没有妈妈,他再也没回过从小长大的地方。弟弟王传渊比哥哥显得能干些,在福建泉州的一家鞋厂里面做技术工。如今,王传渊已经有了一辆属于自己的小车。他说他每年春节基本上都要回老家一趟,因为这边还有他的爷爷、叔叔、伯伯、婶婶、姑妈、姑父,以及他妈妈娘家的舅公、表舅,那些亲戚还在,每年回来,他都会去串串门。“但我还没买房,不知道家该安在哪里。”寻母一封十几年前的信,成为唯一线索从出去打工开始,王传渊和王传炯两兄弟,就一直努力寻找妈妈。谢帮霞被拐卖后的几年里,“有邻居曾说在广东那边见过她。”因此,哥哥王传炯去了广东。后来,王传渊的舅舅、舅妈又拿出了谢帮霞在十几年前曾经寄给家里的一封信。“妈妈写信来的时候,随信寄了一张她在那边的生活照片。”王传渊说,但是因为舅舅谢帮政几年前曾经搬过一次家,老房子拆了,信也找不到了。还好他舅妈记性好,还记得谢帮霞当时寄信的地址。“去年5月份的时候,我跟我堂哥王传露一起,按着妈妈寄信的地址开始找。”王传渊说,他妈妈寄信的地址是广东省揭阳市揭东区埔田镇长岭村。“去之前我在百度地图上面查找过,有这样一个地方,但我去之前心情还是很忐忑的,因为离妈妈寄信已经10多年了,也不知道她是否还健在,是否还住在那里。”王传渊说,不管如何,他现在有能力自己去寻找母亲了,也有线索了,就一定要亲自去看看,不然自己一辈子都不会安心。还好,虽然经历了波折,但他去了以后,还是把妈妈给找到了。相认儿子喊声“妈”,她突然大哭跑开了王传渊说,他跟着堂哥王传露一起去找母亲,到达广东揭阳长岭村那天,天已经黑了,只好第二天又去问,但未能如愿。“后来我们又寻求派出所的帮助,通过妈妈的照片,在他们的寻人网络里面发了信息,最终确定了妈妈就在那个村,还健在。”第二天,派出所通知王传渊去认人。“妈妈被拐的时候,我还小,根本就不记得妈妈的模样,但跟我一起去的堂哥比我大五六岁,妈妈被拐走前,他也差不多十来岁了,他还记得我妈妈的样子。堂哥在看到派出所叫过来的人时,很肯定地给我讲,说那个就是我妈妈!”王传渊说,他喊了一声妈,结果她“哇”的一声哭着就跑开了。“她有些憨,又不会表达感情,晓得我是她儿子,但却一时接受不了。”跟想象中,母子相认时相拥而泣的画面完全不一样。这样的相认,王传渊说自己也能坦然接受,他说,找到妈妈,更多的是想要尽一份孝心,“还好,现在还来得及。”问起当年被拐卖的经过,谢帮霞说,当年她跟人离家以后,具体怎么坐车,去了哪里,现在她都记不清楚了。问她去到广东以后有没有想她的两个儿子,想没想过回来,她说“不敢”,也没人愿意带她走出村子。选择尊重母亲意愿,哥哥随母迁居广东“现在找到妈妈了,很多事情该了的就得了,也该有个归宿了。”王传渊说,他虽然之前经历过一段婚姻,第一个孩子也读小学了,但他却感觉始终都没有找到“家”。两兄弟这次接母亲回来,要做两件事情。首先要把妈妈的户口问题解决了,“妈妈现在还是个‘黑户’。在广东那边,虽然有了个家,领养了个女孩,但是一直没有户口。”还有就是“安家”,“哪怕在老家的宅基地上建个房子,也有个归宿感。”关于谢帮霞以后在哪里生活,两兄弟表示,他们已经问过母亲了,“尊重妈妈的意愿,继续留在广东继父那里生活。”而对于哥哥王传炯,因为他还没有结婚,他们希望把他母亲的户口问题解决后,随着母亲迁到他继父那里去。“以后,也便于我们照顾二老。”相关的主题文章: