The three strongest team of rocket warriors was behind it-verbal jint

Rocket warriors? The three most powerful unit is the peak of the sun after the death of the Cavaliers is the most important point of the season, the team is the most in the era of change in the, the trend of the NBA is changing, the Cavaliers are also changing. The new season of the three team does not have spree curry, Thompson Cray and Durant three super striker warriors, nor hold high the banner of the rocket gun, but the defending champion knight. The game against the wizards and knights threw 33 three pointers, dropped into 14 balls, the Cavaliers in the new season lasted a record 8 games before shot to number at least 32 times, averaging three points and shot number reached 35.4 times ranked first in the league, averaging 13.1 into three the ball is also ranked first in the league. Knight will be the top two teams of warriors and rockets than. Warriors are the last season NBA field are three points scored most teams, to reach the League ranked first in the first place, averaging three points into the ball is also ranked first in the League of the 13.1 points in the League of 31.6. Last season the water brother is too fierce, Curitiba dropped 402 three pointers, Thompson dropped into 276 three pointers, three players were ranked in single season championship history first and third. However, this season, although the warriors have been Durant, but the opening is not smooth, the field were shot 30.7 times in the top three points, the game were scored in the top 11.1 points in the top fourth, the limelight is inferior to last season’s fifth. The Rockets this season to run, averaging three points to reach 34.9 times ranked second, averaging 13 points into the three ball also ranked second. "The only thing to do is to run the ball, get a chance to play, and then hit three points. We are going to play three points and we will not change that." James is the core of the knight. As James said, three points more than the ball has become a knight style. Cavaliers last season in the regular games were shot 29.6 league goals in the League of the three points in the game, the game was scored in the League of the top 10.7 points in the League of three points in the League of second. It is worth mentioning that in the Eastern Conference finals last season, the Cavaliers in 4 consecutive games into more than 15 points to create a record of the ball, the ball into the field of the 25 scoring three also created a new record of NBA. The last alliance of a popular saying, not jumpshooting team won the championship. Mike set off a storm in the sun run Turney in the 2004-05 season, people are surprised at the sun three ball crazy, but in fact the sun season averaged three points and shot 24.7 times ranked first in the league, averaging three points into the 9.7 ball is the first in the league. The new season, the league has 6 teams have scored more than three points in the field, more than 30 times, there are more than 7 teams into the field of more than three points ball. Jumper team can not win the argument has already been broken, the Mavericks in the 2011 championship, the warriors won in 2015. But the knight also followed the trend forward, 2014-15 season, Ralph J.R introduction. Smith, the introduction of Richard Jefferson 2015-16 season 2016-17 season, the introduction of small Dunleavy, three fire team gradually upgrade. Knights of the three weapon change相关的主题文章: