The temperature dropped to Yuba was

The temperature dropped to Yuba was safe?? recently, as the weather gradually cold, more and more people use the bath in the shower. But also because of carelessness, Yuba explosion accidents occur frequently. Recently, Wuhan 12 year old girl in the shower head, Yuba suddenly exploded, the little girl suffered a serious head injury. Yuba can lighting and heating, but sometimes there are some security risks. Then in the cold winter, the family use of Yuba should pay attention to what the problem? ?? As far as possible to avoid the installation position of the shower head?? although the waterproof bulb Yuba with waterproof performance, but the lamp and fan, lamp lights and other non IP33 waterproof structure, metal parts in the body is not waterproof, that is to say the body is still a conductive metal. If the water splashed, it will lead to power shortages and other dangers. ?? When used to avoid the warm all lights on?? love all four light bulb for bathing in winter, if the number of tiles are each bulb Yuba 275 watts, then the four together is a 1100 watt light bulbs will produce light pollution. Yuba bright lights can make the bathroom in a short period of rapid warming, but long time people bathing in the Yuba below, it is easy to burn the eyes with strong light. If people use bath time is too long, can cause dizzy, insomnia, inattention, loss of appetite and other adverse physical symptoms, this is because it is too dazzling light interference with the function of human brain caused by central nervous. Please look up and have a look?? not open when the infant bath bath?? the baby’s family home, do not give children a bath at the same time, let the children back up open yuba. Light pollution will weaken the visual function of infants and young children, affect the development of children’s vision, will give the child’s permanent damage to the vision of the future. ?? 1 Yuba power systems to regulate?? above, Yuba power up to 1100W. Therefore, the power supply wiring installation Yuba must be waterproof line, it is best not to dry low multiwire copper wire 1mm, all power wiring must go underground plastic pipe embedded in the wall, there is never a line set, Yuba the power control switch must be qualified products with waterproof 10A above capacity, especially the old house bathroom installation Yuba should pay more attention to the specification. ?? 2 Yuba should be installed in the center of the Ministry of the bathroom?? many families will be installed soon at the top, bath or shower so that the position of surface looks but there are security risks in winter heating. Because the infrared radiation heating up fast, too close to burn the body. The correct method should be the center of Yuba installed in the bathroom at the top of the bathtub or slightly near the location, it is safe to maximize function. ?? The vibration 3 avoid the frequent switch and around?? usually don’t use it frequently switch yuba. A larger vibration should not run around Yuba, otherwise it will affect the service life of the global warming. ?? 4 to buy high quality Yuba?? 2 general Yuba bulb and 4 light bulbs, the purchase should be based on the size of their bathroom space. If enough to use 5 square meters in the 2 general light bulbs, and larger bathroom can choose 4 light bulbs. In addition, the Yuba belongs to people.相关的主题文章: