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The temperature dropped to eat a few pieces of this kind of cool autumn morning small up, I feel a chill, open the weather, only 12°, wearing a thin coat; if can’t resist. How to resist the wind, see how the experts say! Autumn autumn should drink some porridge porridge food is nutritious, easy to digest, and spleen and stomach. National Health Management Division, said a lot of white-collar workers are busy with gastrointestinal problems, should always drink porridge, easy digestion and absorption, but also to protect the gastric mucosa. Recommend to you a sweet apricot apricot rice porridge, sweet taste, nutrition. For the amount of glutinous rice (100 grams) and Lily (30 grams) and sweet almond (20 grams), and then into the casserole congee together. Lily sweet, slightly bitter, clean up the effect is very good, and sweet almond and rice porridge together, with Yin lungs, soothe the nerves, relieving cough and asthma. Drink tea long time staring at the computer screen, it is easy to produce dizziness, dry eyes and other symptoms. Like this kind of person, the doctor recommends drinking chrysanthemum tea. However, in the purchase of chrysanthemum tea, it is recommended to choose instead of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum cool chrysanthemum although the taste of cool, but unlike the wild chrysanthemum nature of bitter cold, more neutral, effects on the body are more moderate. In addition, chrysanthemum and wild chrysanthemum is the same as the chrysanthemum, but the effect is not the same, chrysanthemum is mainly suitable for autumn Liver eyesight, drinking, and wild chrysanthemum is Qingrejiedu, more suitable for summer. Like when we go to work, you can use a little wolfberry and white chrysanthemum, plus a little green tea, together with a pot of boiling water, from time to time to drink, on our body is very good. The nutritional value of the most delicious perch is mainly reflected in protein, vitamins and trace elements. Bass is rich in protein, A vitamins, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other nutrients, high nutritional value. National intermediate Chinese cooking division Tang Niuniu said that perch also can cure fetal irritability, produce less milk in mothers and lactating women can eat perch, both nourishing the body, and do not worry about the problem of excess nutrients caused by obesity. Steamed Perch sweet taste, and simple way, you can try. Wash the fish from the sea bass, cutting in the middle, in the fish on the surface of oblique Jidao, wash the fish with salt, wine, white pepper marinated for 5 minutes, the marinated fish into the dish, add some ginger and onion. Then turn off the fire fish into the steamer and steam for 8 minutes, not to open the lid, and then steamed for 2 minutes after the pot empty. Finally, the onion fish oil pour into the pot, then there will be oil aroma, you can add some soy sauce steamed fish. Related links: Autumn drink deal with small problems with chronic pharyngitis – squeezed honey lotus root juice, Chinese medicine, honey of sweet, flat, can fill in Runzao, nourishing beauty, Buck laxative, and lotus root has heat and cooling blood, moistening thirst, tranquilize the effect, so dry autumn season ziyinrunfei preferred is honey, lotus root, especially the chronic pharyngitis is the most suitable for people. Take fresh lotus root 500 grams, 20 grams of honey reserve, first wash the fresh lotus root juice, then add honey. Oral ulcer – bubble fruit Green Tea seasons, the body is easy to get angry, especially above the coke fire is the most common, and the coke fire.相关的主题文章: