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The teacher evaluation system face: only academic papers will become history [Abstract] the Ministry of Education recently issued the "guidance" on deepening the reform of University Teachers’ evaluation system, clearly put forward to overcome the only qualifications, only the title… Only education, only the title, only the history – Evaluation of College Teachers face system of Ministry of Education recently issued "on deepening the reform of university teachers evaluation system guidance", clearly put forward to overcome the only qualifications, title, only the tendency to adhere to ethics first, pay attention to teaching, with the ability, achievement and contribution to the evaluation of teachers, and explore the establishment of a mechanism of representative achievement evaluation. Years of reform directed at the problem. "Baton" big change, can effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of university teachers, initiative? Can we improve the quality of higher education? Reporters interviewed experts to resolve the opinions given answers. Ethics first, teaching to teacher evaluation as an important part of the comprehensive reform of higher education, the "opinions", the most noteworthy is that the ethics assessment placed in the assessment of the first proposed the "ethics first, teaching and research base, the basic requirements for the development of the. "Opinions" clear, the implementation of the negative list of teachers to assess the system, the establishment of teacher ethics files, the teacher’s performance as a teacher performance appraisal, title (position) evaluation of employment, post employment and rewards and punishments of the primary content. At the same time, clearly requires that all teachers must assume the work of education and teaching, the professor of the college students in class as a basic system, and requirements, improve the teachers’ teaching performance in school performance distribution, title (Office) evaluation and post evaluation of the proportion of promotion. Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Nanjing University professor Yang Zhong pointed out that, according to the phenomenon of teaching in some colleges and universities have the order reversed in scientific research and social service and the relationship between the three, and the problems existing in the teaching work, the "opinions" highlights the importance of teaching performance, standardize the teaching workload evaluation, strengthen the education quality of teaching evaluation, teaching and improve the incentive and restraint the mechanism, strengthen the teaching of classroom discipline appraisal way, let teachers return to standard and do a good job. Extend the evaluation period, pay attention to "representative achievements" also noteworthy is the evaluation of scientific research evaluation system to prove safety of heavy quantity light quality, the quick success of the new tendency. "Opinions" pointed out that the cycle of scientific research evaluation of teachers is not less than 3 years; the scientific research team assessment cycle is not less than 5 years in principle. According to the performance of the situation, you can reduce, relief assessment or appropriate extension of the assessment cycle. To this end, Professor Zhang Zhengtang of Nanjing University Business School believes that the extension evaluation work cycle method is consistent with the nature of law research, is also helpful to college teachers’ sinking heart to do more valuable innovation. "Opinions" at the same time, improve the peer evaluation mechanism, and actively explore the establishment of "representative results" and the actual contribution of the main content of the evaluation methods. Chinese professor of Zhongshan University, Changjiang Scholar professor Peng Yuping therefore said: "academic low-level repeat, rather than have one or several times to break the record came more fascinating, the number of works is not the most critical, academic depth, height and width is more important." Classified guidance layer相关的主题文章: