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The taste of Wuhan to the Sohu and Hot pot crayfish crayfish season in the past, winter to eat crayfish fewer guests, but many people also Lianlianbuwang crawfish taste, 8 shrimp Museum brain hole wide open, developed a unique crayfish Hot pot. No. 8 shrimp Museum Braised Prawns secret pot. The bottom of the pot and Braised Prawns firing process exactly the same, the master will be fired Braised Prawns soup into Braised Prawns bottom of the original soup, in the bottom of the pot, rinse every bite, there will be Braised Prawns taste. And each pot really have a fresh crayfish, you can put the shrimp into the pot. Saute of Beef with Hot Pepper, tender and tasty, even eat a few, and the price is affordable, only a 19 yuan. Hand shrimp balls, beef balls are good. The overall price is full of benefits, with 5 yuan of the following Hot pot has ten, eat crayfish Hot pot, about 40 yuan per capita. This jar is just the introduction of new products, there are several varieties, this one is very brittle, brittle bone, duck tongue, palm sized, lotus root, spicy sweet wine, when the snacks are very good. No. 8 shrimp Museum (Hankou branch) address: Wuhan, Beijing Hankou Road Golden 1903 two storey commercial podium C No. 8 C5 shrimp Museum (Xu Dongdian) address: Wuhan Dong Street No. 8 Shahu road a shrimp Museum (Nanhu) address: Wuhan Nanhu street Wuchang Fu Street 2#109 Wenzhi figure reservation Tel: 400-9908-517 Hubei city of Wuhan province from the media, the public Sohu WeChat [shop] Sina micro-blog, Wang exploration Tencent micro-blog: Wang Master delicacy QQ:149480720 micro signal (phone): 13986193191相关的主题文章: