The system of endless war zone College theme fashion line sugus

First "endless" college campus theater theme fashion line 7.7 CGWR score novice card booking | endless theater area lead: went to school season, the new semester school don’t go, we see the playground! NetEase 3D MOBA "endless" action theater will go on 3 sets of epic theme fashion in the campus tomorrow updated version, respectively is the school sports meeting — extension positions, in – Li Leah, offering graduation dream — fuluola. At present, these three sets of new fashion is ready to log on to the mall, like the campus style players do not miss oh! "Endless" campus theater theme publicity for the original fashion to meet this year’s school season, buy campus theme fashion during the September 1st -9 month 7 days will receive a 40 percent off discount, put on uniforms, with a good fight! The school sports meeting — extension warehouse campus theme fashion story: students, now jump to the podium is a ninja Ninja class team, a class will take part in the school sports meeting in the high jump, fencing and wood three events. Let us use warm applause to welcome them, and I wish the Ninja students will not jump into the arena of others, thank you! The theme of fashion in Campus — Li Leah campus theme fashion story: wearing the same clothes, does not have the same life. The lonely little girl, the little girl with the strange windmill, was still lonely, even if someone sent her to school. Campus theme dream — offering Graduation Fashion fuluola campus theme fashion background story: in the dream, flora and all ordinary children like reading, examination, and graduation; in the dream, flora and all the young soul as running, shouting, looking for the sun; in the dream, flora a perfect graduation offering, starry, snowflakes, flowers fly into the sky into pieces. Campus theme fashion [endless theater] endless war zone is developed by NetEase Inception studio 3D action MOBA. Game combined with the future of science fiction elements, including a huge amount of time and space in different groups of heroes and groups. In battle mode, "the dual mode of operation with the traditional MOBA" endless war zone of different TPS+ACT, and even the original QTC real-time combat system, and provide experience for the game player combat action. In addition, the game also innovative into 3D three-dimensional battlefield and air GANK strategy competitive elements, more creative tactics and team routines for you to experience! Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: