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The Syria government opened a "new channel"   the opposition refused to evacuate Inner Mongolia channel — the government of Syria 21, in the northern city of Aleppo to open a new channel, allowing Eastern Aleppo besieged civilians and opposition to evacuate. [ready] Lebanon Plaza broadcast on 21 television aerial broadcast footage showed the main supply line for Custer of Aleppo Lu Road has been restored by the bulldozer cleaning. Buses and ambulances are on both sides of the road, waiting for the evacuees. Syria’s move is to cooperate with Russia announced a temporary humanitarian ceasefire". The Syrian military announced the evening of 19, the implementation of the 3 days of "humanitarian ceasefire" in Aleppo, a local time 20 days of the entry into force 8, trapped in the Eastern District of Aleppo city in order to protect the rebels and civilians successfully withdraw. Russian Defense Minister Sergei, 20, announced in Aleppo, the implementation of the humanitarian ceasefire will be extended for a day and night on. The decision was made in accordance with the instructions of Russian President Vladimir, to be supported by the leaders of the. Syrian government also used 20 helicopters to the east of Aleppo leaflets, called on civilians and rebels to withdraw as soon as possible. [], although Syria refused to evacuate the Russian government and the United Nations to make efforts to reach Aleppo "humanitarian temporary ceasefire", but the besieged Syrian armed opposition refused to withdraw from Aleppo. The Russian satellite news agency reported that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on the 21?, including "support front" and "free man, Shamrock organization" the Syrian armed opposition ignored the gesture of goodwill in Russia and the Syria government refused to leave from Aleppo, which will hinder the United Nations to carry out humanitarian relief operations, concerns feel a. Lavrov said at a news conference: "support the front" and "free tissue Sharm" with the destruction of Russia and Syria government to support the United Nations humanitarian relief operations. They shelled the road needed for humanitarian relief, and by means of threats, blackmail and abuse to prevent the evacuation of civilians from Eastern Aleppo." Other Syrian opposition forces in Aleppo also did not leave. The Associated Press reported that as of 21 noon, no one left from the city. "No one has yet to leave the city," to work in a hospital in eastern Aleppo Mohamed? Abu? Rajeeb told the The Associated Press reporter by telephone, "people are afraid of being detained (government)." The hospital has been hit by an air raid in the past few weeks and has been unable to operate normally. Rajeeb said that all the evacuation operations should be led by the United Nations, which will make people feel safe to leave". [attention] Syrian government forces since September 23rd, the eastern part of Aleppo, the siege and attack. In a temporary ceasefire before Aleppo was besieged by the Russian air force area and the Syrian government forces air strikes for several weeks. According to the United Nations statistics, air strikes caused nearly 500 people were killed and 2000 injured in the city of Aleppo. Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon 20, said the eastern part of Aleppo has recently been besieged, United)相关的主题文章: