The shipping industry has started the transformation of COSCO Shipping assets to deal with the downt sexhu

The shipping industry has started the transformation of COSCO Shipping to sea maneuvers assets downturn sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say the count off 60 million stocks contest of COSCO and China shipping shipping maneuvers assets to deal with the downturn Chen Shanshan Wei Yaqin lease business growth is reflected in the CSCL report. Semi annual report shows that shipping related rental income of 4 billion 150 million yuan, an increase of more than the same period last year, non shipping finance lease income of $350 million, representing an increase of 419% over the same period last year, an increase of 119%. The reporter intern reporter from Shanghai shipping industry downturn, has made South Korea’s largest shipping enterprises facing bankruptcy embarrassment, as the nation’s largest shipping company, is through the reorganization and integration of self crisis. In September 8th, China Shipping Container Lines Co (hereinafter referred to as "CSCL", 601866.SH) officially renamed COSCO development Limited by Share Ltd, COSCO Group Managing Director Wan Min told reporters, COSCO development opening, means that the company financial industry cluster formally completed, will be listed as the development platform of the group’s financial industry, the financial industry around the development of shipping industry chain. To build a world-class shipping financial enterprises. In COSCO and CSCL before restructuring for COSCO Shipping Group, China Shipping Group CSCL is engaged in container shipping transportation company, the name is also two group restructuring further integration of the results, marking the CSCL business transformation. The transformation started in February 1, 2016, CSCL company shareholders’ meeting for approval by the implementation of major asset restructuring, reorganization transaction, the transformation of the company by the container liner operators to become the original ship leasing, container leasing and non aviation leasing leasing business as the core, to the shipping finance for the characteristics of a comprehensive financial services platform. According to the annual report of CSCL, the company was sold in the container shipping agency (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 100% stake and Shenzhen sea Wuzhou Logistics Co. 100% stake in the company for payment settlement procedures; in addition, the reorganization of assets involved in the Bank of Bohai to buy 13.67% shares of the Limited by Share Ltd approved capital transactions and trading of COSCO finance limited liability company still need to obtain the relevant supervisor the Department of. In addition to the above transactions, asset restructuring involving all the sale and purchase transactions have completed the delivery of assets. After the completion of the transaction, CSCL container leasing business scale will be the second largest in the world, and non aviation leasing will work in many areas of development of medical treatment, education, energy, construction and industrial equipment leasing business. "First Financial Daily" reporter access to CSCL semi annual report found that the first half of this year, the company achieved operating income of 8 billion 670 million yuan, the year is still down, net profit fell 200.86%, this is mainly because the shipping market is still sluggish, the company is still in business gradually stripped liner. If the completion of the restructuring transactions, leasing business will become the future of CSCL’s main business, is to include China ocean, global container transport enterprises to provide services of container leasing相关的主题文章: