The Shanghai version of the Mekong River action police and outflanking destroyed underground

The Shanghai version of the Mekong River action: police and destroyed underground casino farmhouse surrounded even hidden underground casino in an underground casino a private investigator micro-blog pull, latent ventured to find out the situation. In the face of criminals, the police from the amphibious attack, will eventually be destroyed. In mid October, the Pudong police in an underground casino, launched a precision strike, 35 gamble personnel arrested. At the scene, police seized guns, including homemade crossbow weapons, and more than 15 yuan of gambling. 1 months of debt of nearly one million in October 9th this year, the Pudong Public Security Bureau official micro-blog received a private letter to report, said the Chuansha Mao Mao farmhouse in the possession of an underground gambling dens. Whistleblower laoliang is a field Shanghai workers. He said that in September this year, the villagers brought him an underground casino to see the world. It is fun to hold the mentality, less than a month caught them, not only lost all their savings, but also owed nearly one million yuan of usury. In the face of despair, he decided to report. It is understood that Mao Mao farm is located in Sichuan six Highway No. 178, backed by the Pudong canal, both sides of the north and South are surrounded by the river, covering an area of nearly 40 acres of land in the vicinity of the river, the city of. Police handling the case, said the three sides of the water, there is only one door leading to the steel plate where the gambling room, steel house backed by the canal, surrounded by up to 2 meters of the fence, easy to keep difficult to attack." The police found the police set anshao to monitor trends in the investigation, the dens start at 14 pm every day, until the night. There is a play called "28 bar" single board, at least 100 yuan, 1000 yuan cap. The heavily-guarded, someone with a crossbow, knives for "town scene". 10 am, a group of investigators to do activities on the grounds of the unit, in the farmhouse opened the room for a dark observer, investigators found out the internal structure of the steel plate and the surrounding situation. At the same time, from the farmhouse to Front Gate plate door, 2 minutes drive from the gate, and the smell of six road is also provided with a two out of a dark three sentry. Members responsible for the lookout for handheld radio, or. Taking the water as a breakthrough into the investigation, the police found a new farmhouse on the side of the canal, the canal near the plate housing only two lookout, here there is no fence, only one high reed and a beach. After repeated deliberation, the police finally decided to water as a breakthrough. According to the plan, 55 police bingfenlianglu. 20 people by the 1 assault boats, patrol boats and a maritime patrol boat from the canal on the beach of 2. Red beach landing, the SWAT team DaTouZhen, Fanchuang into the room, ran along the river side of the channel blockade, and lift the gambling arms fire. At this time, Front Gate side of 35 police’s carriers from Front Gate impact. The police 3 seconds broken windows burglary action on the same day, the gambling dens did not like the usual start at around 14. This abnormal atmosphere let headquarters at tight, all doubt in my mind. At this time, a message on the inside of the latent to the secret service, "the casino remained open, 4 p.m.." Sure enough, just after 4 pm, more than 30 people have gathered gambling. The command issued an order of action. Waterway degree相关的主题文章: