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"The Savior feelings into depression due to Wei Xiaobao’s famous antidepressant – Sohu reading actor Qiao Renliang died, reportedly because of the depression Dutch act. In the modern society under high speed, depression is not uncommon. Especially in the north, on the broad, deep in such a large city, the fierce competition, the complexity of social relations, the temptation everywhere, the individual powerless, so that young people depressed. Where is the crux of depression? What is the universal motto for depression? Xu Tiansheng, a famous psychologist in Taiwan, gives the answer. Why do people get depression? Most of the time because we have sealed the road. Some people go to work from home to the place, always go the same way every day, once the habit has not changed. A teacher said that I have 30 years of teaching experience, another teacher laughed at him, you are a 30 years, because you have only first years of innovation, in, third years, fourth years, all in the first year of things. You have never changed, so you are not 30 years of teaching experience, but the teaching experience of 30 years of 1. 1× 1× 1× 1, multiply to the thirtieth or the 1. Do you often change yourself when your character is formed? When your thinking patterns are developed, you often go on the inertia thinking mode, there is no breakthrough beyond thinking. The reason why a person will get depression, but also because he lacks a lot of flexible thinking, non-standard is often: one is one, two is two, and no gray area". Why do I want to cite Wei Xiaobao as an example? Because he has almost no black and white, he is only gray. He can at the same time when the emperor side favourite eunuch; and when the anti Qing Dynasty master; and when the Mystic Dragon Dragon Marshal – small white dragon. He has so many roles and identities, and there are conflicts and conflicts, but it seems to be very happy for him. Until the last emperor to force him out to heaven, heaven and earth forced him to kill the emperor, he said one sentence: do not Lao Tzu! Big deal, I don’t do it! I have total Duozhu improper "heaven and earth", I also don’t kill Kangxi himself to the emperor. No big deal. I’m going back to Yangzhou. What is remarkable, can not do — when we face, really feel the pain, in a dilemma, you can say this sentence, you will be saved. I tutored a patient, he was twenty-four years old. Because when the chairman of the father had advanced lung cancer, the results he had no choice but to go to the top of the father’s position, but no experience, people do not accept him. He cried every time he drove home. Then he saw my book, and turned to this chapter! I can’t do it anymore! Really, I can’t do it anymore! Do you want me to have cancer like my dad? I’m not that stupid ". Well, this one figured out, but do very well, because there is no heart failure. He told me that he is now running around Shanghai, Japan, feel dry, never been so happy in my life. This is what we often say put to death later. The karma of the Wei Xiaobao, when the heaven and earth.相关的主题文章: