The risk should pay the rescue illegal tour pal

The risk should pay the rescue tour pal in violation of the original title: illegal risk should pay the rescue tour pal Author: Zhang Xiliu yesterday afternoon, Mentougou district public security fire brigade received the alarm, said 14 people trapped in the Mentougou tour pal dog of Asan hillside, rescue forces rushed to the rescue. 7 this morning, all were rescued by security tour pal. In recent years, things get distress frequency travel tour pal rescue occurred. About the rescue expenses caused by illegal tour pal, who should bear, has been the focus of public controversy. During the national day, Sichuan Jiuzhaigou County Public Security Bureau on the 12 tour pal after 7 hours rescued jaywalked across the forbidden area to pay 200 yuan per person rescue expenses, and buy the tickets for 220 yuan. In the past, rescue behavior as a distress tour pal of public responsibility and the duty of the government and scenic spots. After the accident, there are violations of their responsibility for the tour pal or should bear the cost of the rescue, which makes illegal exploration at zero cost. The necessary corrections can be appropriate to make public rescue resources consumption, but also a warning on its own and the other tour pal. With the rise of outdoor sports, both the traveler and the supervisor should improve the rules and procedures. For example, Shaanxi province will "tour pal" exploration into local tourism laws and regulations, the provisions of "tour pal" adventure organizers in advance to the record, not for the record, to punish the organizers and participants; scenic areas should be strictly non designated exploration area, and to deploy additional manpower, set up monitoring and other means to prevent the "tour pal" random access; for incorrigible the "tour pal", scenic spots and tourism management departments can be introduced into the "blacklist" mechanism, make it their own mistake should be punished. In short, not only bear the risk of illegal tour pal, within a reasonable range of rescue expenses, there should be more perfect to disciplinary measures did not dare to risk self willed. Editor: Wei Wei相关的主题文章: