The Republic of Buryatia to Ulan ude – Sohu of

The Republic of Buryatia to Ulan ude – Sohu Buryat Republic is a member of the Russian Federation tourism in china. In the south of Mongolia, west of the Tuva Republic, North and northwest and Irkutsk region bordering the east of Chita. Republic of China 45 of the area is covered by forest area of 351 thousand and 300 km, the Republic of 2, a total population of about one million people, accounting for 70% of the local indigenous ethnic Russians, the Buryat Mongols accounted for 24%. Ulam Uhde — the capital city of the Russian Republic of Buryatia, is the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia in the administrative autonomy level is high the Republic, have their own national election of the president. The city’s population of about 400 thousand, mainly ethnic Russians, Mongols, Buriats, a family name. The history and China Buryat Mongolian is closely related to the Mongols "in the teeth thanks to" seed. Now they can use our Mongolian and Mongolian compatriots free exchange. And their looks and lifestyle are very similar to our Mongolian compatriots. City style is rich in strong national characteristics. Sina micro-blog 900相关的主题文章: