The rent will be tackling Hengda Club be responsible for the treatment of leg (video)-diying

The rent will be tackling Hengda Club: be responsible for the treatment of leg [information] worried! Before Hengda players a serious leg deformation directly sent to the hospital in September 18th in a sports Tencent in the 27 round of Meizhou Hakka home court against Wuhan zall. General zall from Hengda loaned Yang ultrasound twenty-ninth minutes into the game to break the deadlock, but forty-first minutes, Yang Chaosheng was brought down Tang Dechao Feichan in Meizhou caused a serious ankle fracture deformation. Hengda rent was general Feichan before leading Meizhou Hakka leg second to last in the 10 division has been basically to ensure survival, Wuhan zall can lead only 6 points, the game still need to avoid relegation. Under pressure, the road by Yang Chaosheng Thatcher in twenty-ninth minutes helped lead the team – Yang Chaosheng teammate pass to kill in Meizhou area, running in a shooting break city rivals. It is worth mentioning that this is Yang ultrasonic joining on loan second goals after the drow. Yang was a serious ankle ultrasound Feichan deformation but the forty-first minute of the match but had a regrettable scene in front of the ball, Yang ultrasound was brought down Tang Dechao Feichan Meizhou, a serious ankle deformation, Yang Chaosheng firmly hold the injured leg, but has seen significant fracture phenomenon. Then the ambulance opened into the way, will be rushed to the hospital ultrasound ultrasound treatment. But when Tang Dechao finally only by Yang ultrasound referee has shown a yellow card warning. Yang Yang was rushed to the hospital after the incident ultrasound ultrasound ultrasound to join Hengda in 2012, and super overlord signed a contract for 5 years. In 2014, Yang Chaosheng was loaned to Liaoning Hongyun, and at a crucial moment last year to avoid relegation Liaozu continuous contributions to key goals against national security and Shenhua competition, Yang ultrasound scored 2 jumper ball, with 2 1-0 against national security and Shenhua, will help Liaoning avoid relegation. At the beginning of this year, Yang Chaosheng from Guangzhou to Wuhan Hengda has joined the drow. Zall informed Yang ultrasound injury: right fibula comminuted fracture of right ankle dislocation after Yang Chaosheng injured in a club Wuhan zall official informed of their injuries, and the expression of a blessing. The full text of the announcement is as follows: 15:30 this afternoon, in the Wuhua County Stadium, Wuhan zall team away to Meizhou Hakka team, after 90 minutes of the game, with Wuhan zall team Yang Chaosheng scored the 1:0 win at Meizhou Hakka team. Unfortunately near the end of the first half, Wuhan zall team goal hero Yang Chaosheng was seriously injured in a fight, leading to right fibula comminuted fracture, right ankle joint dislocation, the situation is very serious. At present, accompanied by the club staff, Yang Chaosheng made an emergency treatment in a local hospital, is ready to transfer to Guangzhou for surgery. Let us pray for Yang ultrasound, I hope he will recover as soon as possible, as soon as possible to return to our side! Hengda Club voice: after being fully responsible for the treatment of the incident, Hengda Club rapid voice, said it would be solely responsible for Yang ultrasound surgery, treatment and rehabilitation, and will arrange for Yang Chaosheng surgery as soon as possible. With constant loud Ming: in September 18th Wuhan zall vs. the Meizhou Hakka game, my club player Yang ultrasound in a tackle suffered serious injuries, leg fracture. The club has played for the first time with players相关的主题文章: