The post-90s girl met with the first love of 21 years old unexpectedly received the police advice-diying

The 90s girl met her 21 year old first love. Unexpectedly, she received the police advice. Her more than 20 year old boyfriend suddenly went bankrupt. Zhou Xinyi still wanted to go down with him. "My mother has known this and forced me to break up with him." In Beibei tianxingqiao a beverage shop, Zhou Xinyi (a pseudonym) fingers in front of the coffee, absent-minded. At the age of 23 this year, she had an age of maturity on her face, and the source of her troubles was a man more than 20 years older than her. The train met her boyfriend for the first time when he first met her boyfriend at the age of 21. Zhou Xinyi said it was on the train to Wuhan in Chongqing. Zhou Xinyi was less than 1 meters 6 and lived in the five li Huaxin city garden. She looked younger than the actual age. "My aunt lives in Wuhan and let me play in the May Day holiday two years ago." Zhou Xinyi recalled that he bought a sleeper ticket at the time, and the man, who is more than 20 years older than himself, coincided with his own carriage. This is the first time that she met her boyfriend, Mr. Fan. The reporter saw on Zhou Xinyi’s cell phone, Mr. Fan was not tall, wearing a plain white shirt with a small stomach. In Zhou Xinyi’s heart, Mr. Fan is a very attractive man. "A boy was talking to me on the train at that time. He looked very frivolous. I didn’t want to talk to him." Zhou Xinyi said that while he is depressed, a steady uncle came to his rescue and told the boy Zhou Xinyi is his niece, who bitterly away, Zhou Xinyi is full of affection for the uncle. So the two of them talked, Mr. Fan said he also Chongqing, his hometown in Fuling, travel to Wuhan. "He knows a lot, and he speaks very well, not the same as the boys I knew before." Zhou Xinyi said that she will get off after the doings of ghosts and gods phone number to Mr. fan. In the evening, Mr. Fan called her and said he thought Zhou Xinyi was very special. "I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t forget his figure in my mind," he said, "I didn’t know what to do." Zhou Xinyi said that when Mr. Fan confessions to her, she decided that he was divorced to live alone before she agreed to be together, and that was her first love. At that time, Zhou Xinyi had just entered the junior year, and Mr. Fan opened a company in Yongchuan, and once he was free he would drive to school. But Mr. Fan never mentioned his company to Zhou Xinyi, and Zhou Xinyi never asked. Zhou Xinyi’s friend, Miss Huang, said, "at the beginning we thought it was her uncle, and she didn’t think she was her boyfriend." Zhou Xinyi said her boyfriend was very generous to himself and was in love for two years, often asking if she had enough money to give her money, but she refused. The only gift you’ve ever received is a Canon SLR camera, a gift from Mr. Fan on her 22 birthday. "He knows I like travel photography, and I can give it to me." Zhou Xinyi said. "He also told me his family, his ex-wife was a very strong woman, and they divorced. The 10 year old son lived with her mother in Guizhou. " Although Mr. Fan is mature and stable, he often shows his weakness in front of himself. "When he talks about the child, he always sighs and misses his son." For Mr. Fan, Zhou Xinyi even thought about taking the child back later, she could be a stepmother. But after all this was known by Zhou Xinyi’s mother, her mother strongly objected, so Zhou Xinyi didn’t know how many times he had been with her mother. When her boyfriend went bankrupt, she received advice from the police, although two people were 21 years old, but in Zhou Xinyi’s mind, Mr. Fan has always been perfect. But earlier this year, Zhou Xinyi found her boyfriend had less time to contact her. "I used to see me once a week, and sometimes I couldn’t see someone for a month, and he called him a busy job and let me contact him less." Zhou Xinyi said that her boyfriend was particularly abnormal at that time, and it was not easy to see her once, and he seemed to be panicked, and seemed to be hiding. She even got angry about breaking up, and her boyfriend went to her school to beg for it. After the peace, Mr. Fan still hides her, and often does not see the figure for a month. Until last month, Zhou Xinyi received a strange phone call. He called himself a Yongchuan police officer and was inquiring for Mr. Fan’s bankruptcy. The police also said that Mr. Fan’s company had received a construction project before the construction period was stagnant and the company was still in arrears with the large wages of migrant workers. The police investigated that Zhou Xinyi and Mr. Fan were close enough to call. "When I heard the words of the police, my whole brain was short, and the police asked me what I said." Zhou Xinyi said the police also made a special advice to her: the age of two of you is too big, and the girl is not deceived. Voice boyfriend: I’ll give her a happy reporter to call Mr. Fan in the name of a friend of Zhou Xinyi and call Mr. Fan for three times. Speaking of the company’s bankruptcy, Mr. Fan said he did not want Zhou Xinyi to know before, but Zhou Xinyi knew it now, and he had nothing to say. However, he has been actively dealing with the company’s matters recently, selling it and trying to fill the debt deficit. When the accounts were all counted, he would probably back hundreds of thousands of arrears, and he decided to find another way to make money, and slowly to return the debt. Her sudden bankruptcy, is a huge blow to Anna for weeks. "When I was in love, I never thought about economic problems. He gave me the impression that he had been very well-off at the moment, and now I really don’t know how to go." Expert: share the joys and sorrows of love is the highest level of psychology at the University College London, Dr. marriage education expert Chen Zhilin said, now two people love just after the next to the sweet, bitter. You have to torture yourself to be really attracted to his personality, or to enjoy the superior material life he offers. Only by understanding your own heart can we make the right choice. Family and friends support can help marriage, but life is for yourself. Even if the other side fails in business, you are still young now, and you will probably live happily ever after. It’s the highest level of love pursuit that you share joys and sorrows.

90后女孩邂逅大21岁初恋 不料竟接到警察忠告 大自己20多岁的男友突然破产,周心怡还是想和他走下去   “这事我妈已经知道了,逼我和他分手。”在北碚天星桥一家饮料店里,周心怡(化名)用手指拨弄着眼前的咖啡,心不在焉。今年刚满23岁的她脸上有一股与年龄不衬的成熟,而她烦恼的源泉,是一个比她大20多岁的男人。   火车上邂逅大21岁初恋男友   第一次认识男友,周心怡说是在重庆驶向武汉的火车上。   周心怡身高不到1米6,家住五里店华新都市花园,皮肤偏白的她看上去比实际年龄更小。“我姑妈住在武汉,两年前的五一假期让我过去玩。”周心怡回忆,当时自己买的是卧铺车票,而这名比自己大20多岁的男士正好和自己一个车厢,这也是她和男友范先生的第一次见面。   记者在周心怡手机上看到,范先生个子不高,穿着一件朴素的白衬衫,肚子微隆。在周心怡心里,范先生是个非常有吸引力的男人。   “当时在火车上有男孩向我搭讪,他看上去很轻浮,我不想和他说话。”周心怡说,正当自己郁闷的时候,一个稳重的大叔走上前来为自己解了围,告诉小伙周心怡是他侄女,小伙悻悻走开,周心怡对这位大叔充满了好感。   于是两人攀谈起来,范先生称自己也是重庆人,老家在涪陵,前往武汉出差。“他懂得很多东西,而且说话很稳重,跟我以前认识的男生都不一样。”周心怡说,下车后她鬼使神差地将电话号码留给了范先生。当天晚上范先生便给她打了电话,称他觉得周心怡很特别。   家人反对 朋友也不怎么看好   “我当时也不知道怎么了,脑海里一直忘不掉他的身影。”周心怡说,当范先生向她告白时,她确定他是离婚独居后才同意在一起,这也是她的初恋。   那时,周心怡刚升入大三,范先生在永川开了一家公司,一旦有空他就会开车来学校。但范先生从不向周心怡提及自己的公司,周心怡也从不过问。周心怡好友黄小姐称:“刚开始我们以为那是她叔叔,万万没想到是她男朋友。”   周心怡说,男友对自己十分大方,相恋两年,经常问她钱够不够用,说要给她钱,但她都拒绝了。唯一收过的礼物是一个佳能的单反相机,那是她22岁生日范先生送的礼物。“他知道我喜欢旅游摄影,硬送我的。”周心怡说。   “他也给我说过他的家庭,他的前妻是一个很强势的女人,他们因此离婚。10岁大的儿子跟着妈妈在贵州生活。”范先生虽然成熟稳重,也常常在自己面前展现脆弱,“谈到孩子的时候,他总是叹气,想念他的儿子。”为了范先生,周心怡甚至考虑过以后把孩子接回来,她可以当后妈。但这一切被周心怡妈妈知道后,妈妈强烈反对,为此周心怡不知道跟妈妈闹过多少次。   男友公司破产 她接到警察忠告   尽管两人相差21岁,但在周心怡心目中范先生表现一直十分完美。但今年年初,周心怡发现男友联系她的时间越来越少。“以前都是一个星期见我一次,那段时间有时一个月都看不见他人,给他电话也说工作忙,让我少联系他。”   周心怡说,那段时间男友格外反常,就连好不容易来见她的一次,看上去也神色慌张,似乎在躲着什么。她甚至为此生气提过分手,男友又到她学校苦苦哀求。   和好后,范先生依然躲着她,常常一个月不见人影。直到上个月,周心怡接到一个陌生的电话,对方称自己是永川警察,正在查询范先生公司破产事宜。警察还称,范先生的公司之前接了一个建筑方面的工程,如今工程工期停滞,公司还拖欠着民工大笔工资。警方调查到周心怡和范先生关系亲密,才打电话来询问。   “听到警察那些话的瞬间,我整个脑子都短路了,警察问我什么就说什么。”周心怡说,警察还特意忠告她:你们两人年龄相差太大,小姑娘别被人骗了。   声音   男友:我会给她幸福   记者以周心怡朋友的名义致电范先生,电话打了三次范先生才接。   谈及公司破产事宜,范先生说他之前确实不想让周心怡知道,但周心怡现在已经知道了,他也无话可说。不过,他最近也在对公司的事宜进行积极的处理,能卖掉的就卖掉,尽量填补债务亏损的漏洞。等账目都算下来,自己大概还会背上几十万的欠款,他决定再找其他挣钱的路子,慢慢把债还掉。   男友突如其来的破产风波,对周心怡而言是一个巨大的打击。“以前恋爱的时候,我从未考虑过经济问题,他给我的感觉就是一直手头很宽裕,而现在我真的不知道该怎么走下去。”   专家:同甘共苦是爱情最高境界   伦敦大学学院心理学博士、婚恋教育专家陈志林称,现在两人的爱情刚刚经过同甘,接下来要共苦。你要拷问自己,是真的被他的人格魅力吸引,还是喜欢他提供的优越的物质生活。只有明白自己的内心,才能做出正确的选择。家人和朋友的支持会有助于婚姻,但是日子是给自己过的,就算是对方生意失败,你们现在还年轻,以后也完全可能再次过上幸福的生活,能同甘共苦才是爱情追求的最高境界。相关的主题文章: