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The police informed the criminals escape escape route detour Yueyang Lei Jun fled back to Chibi – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Yuan Jingwei Xiao Peng) 29 am 1 1, Caidian prison criminals arrested in Zhou Lei Jun Chi Ma Gang Zhen Xianning Chibi City Road, a residential Hualing relatives. The police informed of the latest Lei Jun escape route and details. 24 am 1 pm, Hubei Province, Caidian prison officer Lei Jun kidney stone surgery in a hospital in Wuhan city hospital after the escape. The police through the city monitoring found that Lei Jun from the hospital escape after the taxi fled to Wuchang, and take several taxi to Xianning in the direction of. 26 afternoon, the Chibi Municipal Public Security Bureau Jing Quan branch instructor Xie Rong to get an important clue, it was seen in the Yueyang Tower, Yueyang, express street appeared. The police immediately rushed to Yueyang, in cooperation with local police, the police confirmed that 25, 15:05 to 16:30, "express passenger Lei Jun Street into the mount, stranded after an hour, and a" Mount "drive to the train station, and then replace the" rub "through to Yueyang Yunxi District Linxiang. The 27 day, the police rushed to Linxiang, arrived in Linxiang passenger station near Lei found, then transfer to a "SUZUKI" by the black country road to Chibi Zhao Li town. At the same time, Chibi police through the visit that the evening of 25, Lei Jun has appeared in Chibi Zhao Li Qiao Zhen Li Mou home. After 28 days, visited Mopai, police found Lei Jun in the vicinity of the distant nephew home there. Lei nephew account: 28 noon, Lei Jun came to his home to find him, asked to provide help for the flight, has to hide another distant relatives. 29 am, the police quickly rushed to the Lei distant relatives, a privately owned house located in the Red Horse Town week Hualing road in a residential, after entering the room, the police found in his sleep lei. 1 am 1, Lei Jun shushoujiuqin. It is understood that on the evening of 25 Lei sneak home in Chibi, hiding in the field after 2 days, the first contact with the relatives, and in the afternoon of 28 in hiding relatives.相关的主题文章: