The people’s Liberation Army amphibious sea test speed fault mengzha escape to sea-synnex

The PLA amphibious warfare vehicle has been successfully launched from the East China Sea to the deep sea. The PLA amphibious amphibious chariot is celebrating the Spring Festival, and the whole nation is celebrating. Reporters came to Tahe in a snowstorm hit, armored cold test field — the motherland "Arctic village", a glimpse of our army officers and soldiers test forging chariot style. The provisional Party committees take the lead in field test the night air Linhaixueyuan deep border station lights, test brigade temporary party meeting is being held, a type of hydraulic tanks in the driving process of the continuous decreasing of topics that will be on. Party committees like this to study the quality of major scientific research trials have held more than 10 meetings only during this cold zone test. 80% of the officers and soldiers are in the front line, 23 of the time travel around the country, the personnel are highly dispersed and mobile. But on the task execution field, field test in command of the brigade officers to set up a temporary party, the team set up a temporary branch, and establish and improve the major test quality, problem analysis and accountability system. In the provisional party under the leadership of the Party branch close to the reform process in the classification of education, conscientiously organize the officers and men of learning the Central Military Commission of the spirit, by carrying out knowledge contest, meeting discussion, questionnaire test etc., the officers and men, dare to play, if the reform of politics, the overall situation, discipline consciousness of participants in mind take root. In the test field, we see that they made educational content folded panels, engraved discs, to create portable teaching materials, set up the outfield classroom, to achieve the full follow-up of educational activities, full coverage. A series of measures to regulate the hard field life, easing the psychological pressure of the test officers and soldiers. According to statistics, the field has organized 41 times, 22 times in cold area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Gobi desert, 29 southeast coastal humid areas or sea trial, perennial temperature area test; test total mileage 320 km; the use of support vehicles more than 2 times, a total of more than 800 kilometers driving; the cumulative emission of more than 23 kinds of ammunition. Extremely dangerous, dare to try unshaped equipment in the cold and the dripping water freezes, 4 hours of continuous running test, is an important part of the test vehicle. The car is the car outside the low of more than 10 degrees Celsius, in order to test the original data and the car accurately, the driver sergeant Song Hai 200 km run down, eyebrows and beard frosted he has been frozen by his comrades from the car carried out. And that’s nothing. Now is the chief of staff Wang Wei, to tell us the sea test signs of danger appearing everywhere. An amphibious chariot measuring the maximum speed in the East China Sea, they ran many times are not ideal. Once, Wang Wei and driver Dongsheng encountered engine supercharger fault, immediately lost power, the chariot rapidly to the depths of the sea! Wang Wei was quickly approached by artificial will slide up abruptly, the chariot slowly floats. Otherwise, the chariot became a veritable iron coffin. During the experiment, the heart of Li Rongli, the commander on the shore, was always held tight. In the spare time of the experiment, we interviewed and excavated a string of Heroes: that year for the acquisition of nuclear effects.

解放军两栖战车东海测极速出故障 猛扎向深海脱险 资料图:解放军两栖战车   新春佳节,举国欢庆。记者顶风冒雪,来到装甲兵某寒区试验场――祖国的“北极村”塔河,一睹试验官兵锻造我军战车的风采。   临时党委带头野外试验   夜色弥漫,林海雪原深处的边陲小站灯火通明,试验大队临时党委会议正在召开,会上专题议决某型战车在行驶过程中油压持续下降的问题。   像这样研究解决重大科研试验质量问题的党委会议,仅在这次寒区试验期间,就召开了10多次。   该场80%的官兵身处一线,全年2 3的时间奔波各地,人员高度分散、流动性大。而每逢执行外场任务,该场都要成立主官挂帅的试验大队临时党委,各试车队成立临时党支部,并建立健全重大试验质量、问题分析和责任追究制度。   在临时党委的带领下,各临时党支部紧贴改革进程搞好分类教育,认真组织官兵学习中央、军委有关精神,通过开展知识竞赛、开会讨论、问卷考试等方式,广大官兵话改革、敢担当、讲政治、顾大局、守纪律的意识在参试人员头脑中扎根。   在试验外场,我们看到,他们把教育内容制作成折叠展板、刻成光盘,打造便携教材、开设外场课堂,实现了教育活动全程跟进、全员覆盖。一系列举措,调节了艰苦的外场生活,舒缓了参试官兵的心理压力。   据统计,该场先后组织41次严寒地区、22次青藏高原和戈壁大漠、29次东南沿海湿热地区或海上试车,常年进行常温地区试验;累计试验行驶里程320余万公里;动用保障车辆2万余台次,累计行驶800余万公里;累计发射各种弹药23万余发。   极度危险,敢试未定型的装备   在滴水成冰的寒区,持续4个小时行驶试验,是战车试验的重要一环。车内较之车外低10余摄氏度,为了测试人和车准确的原始数据,驾驶员上士宋海200公里跑下来,眉毛胡子结满霜花的他已被冻僵,被战友从车内抬了出来。   而这算不了什么。如今已是该场参谋长的王伟,给我们讲起了险象环生的海上试验。   某两栖战车在东海海域测最大速度,他们跑了多次都不理想。一次,王伟和驾驶员闫东升遭遇了发动机增压器故障,马上就失去动力了,战车急速向大海深处扎去!王伟急中生智,迅速上前利用人工将滑板硬生生收起,战车才慢慢浮了起来。否则,战车便成了名副其实的铁棺材。   整个试验过程中,站在岸上的指挥员李荣利的心始终被揪得紧紧的。   在试验闲暇之时,我们采访挖掘出一串串英雄:当年为采集核效应下的第一手数据,马树仁等8名勇士驾战车义无反顾驶向“死亡之地”――核爆 心;40多年前,测试员孙二云为了抵近测量战车的最高时速,瞬间被永远地定格在24岁;20多年前,从格尔木翻越“生命禁区”昆仑山,冷斌等100多名官 兵头上勒着被包绳以抗拒强烈的“高原反应”,创造了在“世界屋脊”连续履带行军1510公里等多项装甲兵的纪录;10多年前,中士潘宏运驾驶战车横渡某海 域,因故障熄火,战车眨眼间被汹涌的海浪吞噬,最后因为车内注满水将舱门弹开而幸免于难,但满嘴油泥的他稍事休息后,又再次爬上战车……   试验任务重、人员少、强度大   神圣的事业需要伟大的付出。   寒区试验站站长刘兴旺,12年前主动申请到祖国最北的边陲小站工作,爱人临产他只打了个电话安慰,孩子的家长会始终没有见过他的身影……他与3 名战士、一只狗,一直坚守在小站上。白天,忙于巡逻跑道、清理靶道;晚上,细数星星月亮,实在寂寞无聊,对着茫茫林海狂吼几声。整年整月的忙碌,只为营造 一个温暖的试验之家。   四级军士长申建军在一次抢修中,左手食指不慎被挤压,成为了“九指半”。“9・3阅兵”坦克装甲方阵12个型号有10个是经过他的手试过的。 16年来,他驾驶20多种战车累计行驶10余万公里,排除故障千余次,预防致命故障10余次。退伍时,他唯一的愿望,就是与被他开报废了的战车合个影。   巾帼不让须眉。工程师罗莉琴清楚记得,去年儿童节前夕,她要出征试验。出发前,她满心愧疚地冲进商店选孩子最喜欢的遥控汽车。刚满5岁的儿子却说:“妈妈,我不要礼物,只要你在家陪我。”稚嫩的童音瞬间让这位“女汉子”百感交集,泪流满面。相关的主题文章: