The Paris agreement comes into force at the United Nations Environment Programme, China’s positive r-stand by me shinee

"Paris agreement" came into effect in the United Nations Environment Programme for China positive role — Guangxi channel — original title: "Paris agreement" came into effect in the United Nations Environment Programme for China positive role in coping with climate change "Paris agreement" will come into effect on November 4th. UNEP Executive Director Eric Solheim told reporters recently, thanks Chinese in leading role to promote the active role played by the "Paris agreement" in the process and in play in global environmental governance. Solheim said that in September this year, as the world’s two largest economies, China and the United States ratified the Paris agreement, which greatly contributed to the implementation and implementation of the agreement. He believes that China is through innovative practice, green technologies and other measures to mitigate climate change and air pollution, promote green employment and economic growth, which is worth learning from other countries. Solheim said, China advocated and implemented South South cooperation mechanism, to provide assistance, share development experience, impart professional knowledge for Sub Saharan Africa and neighboring developing countries within the limits of success. He hoped that China can share the experience of green development. He said that the United Nations Environment Programme is to discuss further cooperation plan and Chinese government, hope that through cooperation and deepen the green economy and green infrastructure construction, the introduction of the green development model China to more countries, fully play a leading role in promoting the development of green China ball in. Solheim believes that China’s exploration of ecological civilization, achievements and experience, will provide new inspiration for other countries. The United Nations announced on 5 and 72 parties, including the United States, China approved the "Paris agreement", the proportion of their emissions on global carbon emissions of more than 56%, crossed the two threshold "Paris agreement" provisions of the force. According to the provisions of the "Paris agreement" will be at least 55 of the "United Nations Framework Convention on climate change" Party (its greenhouse gas emissions accounted for the total global emissions of at least about 55%) deposited instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval or accession documents from the thirtieth day after the date of entry into force. (reporter Wu Baoshu, Nintaus) (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章: