The palm to see you in this life what fortune-ddrtys

Your life depends on what the rich rich Eiffel I believe that many people are eager to see the palm, after all not every man is born a rich two generations, there are a lot of effort on this road to fortune of the people, but there are a few successful. So, you want to make a fortune in this life, in addition to their own efforts, but also need to help? Now follow the Eiffel teacher to find out from the palm, and remember the people around you see see, each other for each other! (without male left female right left and right hand will refer to) 1, wealth type refers to the cross pattern such as the root of the sun in the hills between mercury and ring finger root hill, said the windfall is coming easy. This hand you will have unexpected opportunity to make a fortune, than if winning the lottery. 2, if the index finger roots’ trade developed, Jupiter Hill ‘bloody look good, such a person will be a good fortune. From the perspective of palm, Jupiter Hill full of people, you must strong, the National People’s Congress on trade fortune. 3, investment in the palm of your hand above the feelings of the line have a parallel pattern called "fortune line", the money line in the palm of your hand is usually for the boss, boss or company financial, accounting or cashier, usually to help people of course oneself will also finance, finance and investment, so no money. 4, flange type generally has a horizontal stripes called knuckleprint on the index finger, if there are three knuckleprint words called "three lines". This palm life is not short of money, and often by the peach blossom. For example, a man may marry a rich wife or girl will get the money to him, the girls will find a rich man. In 5, and at the first joint of the thumb either transverse or straight lines, lines more accumulated more wealth, the more people rely on the rich and palm.相关的主题文章: