The original love comedy friends reunion Beijing Premiere – Sohu entertainment in the evening-zibba

The original love comedy "friends reunion" Beijing premiere entertainment "- Sohu friends in the evening meet" poster Sohu entertainment news on the evening of 27 in the evening, the young director Wang Junting with her original love comedy "friends in the evening reunion" landing China millenniummonument first drama field, and all share the enthusiasm of the audience laughter and tears of youth. As this year’s Shanghai International Arts Festival Fu Qing plan finalists, "friends reunion" last week has been invited to play on the black box theater in the evening, two performances are full. The performance in Beijing, is the debut attracted nearly three hundred spectators, and dozens of media scene. "Friends meet in the evening" is the director of the status quo of urban love. The insecurity of the city makes it possible for all the possible cities to lose their love, but the hopeless world can not stop the people’s desire for love in the city. In the evening, friends meet, more romantic love. The play makes people see the reality and gives hope. In the play, the director made a new exploration of the hypothesis and the expression of the body. There were only two actors on the stage, and a couple of benches, but there were only about three different times, and a few different stories. This poses a great challenge to both the director and the actors. More importantly, the creative team members are from Central Academy of Drama graduate students and junior senior undergraduates, director Wang Junting is a graduate of the Central Academy of Drama director, the two stars is the study of the Acting Department of graduate and undergraduate students in Central Academy of Drama, the other members are students. And from the point of view of the scene, the audience of this group of young people’s efforts to give quite a positive. It is reported that the first round of public works will last from October 27th to 30, every night seven thirty in Chinese century world premiere theater staged on time, then there will be follow-up performance plan.相关的主题文章: