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The open draw little de Nadal Zheng Saisai with half first Olympic champion (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing on August 27th news, the 2016 U.S. open draw ceremony was held last year, champion Djokovic and Pennetta as a guest at. Man, Djokovic and Nadal are in the top half of the Rio Olympics, winners of Del Botero and Murray, and in the bottom half of Stanislas nishikori. China players, Zheng Saisai in the first round against the Olympic champion puyg, Zhang Shuai ranked 723 in the first round against the Australian wildcard Perez. Man, Djokovic and Nadal is located in the upper half, the small German and former champion Cilic in the 14 District, Nadal Rao Niki and Wimbledon runner up in the 24 District, two large seed zone 34 is guarding Wawrinka and Tim, a wild card for the former champion Del Botero also in this area, competition is quite fierce, Murray is in the 44 district and kei. Djokovic and polish Yangnuoweici in the first round against Murray in the first round against rosol, Botero in the first round against compatriot Schwarzman. The woman, Serena Williams and A- in the upper half of Bystrica, Serena and Halep in the 14 District, Ladd and Williams ranked 24, Australian Open champion Gobel and French Open champion Mu Guru Za together guarding the bottom half, including Mu Guru Za and American star Keith in 34, Gobel was runner up last year on Vinci. Serena Williams in the first round opponent is Maarova, who had defeated Serena in the Grand Slam arena, but the recent state general, Gobel in the first round against Hull Keogh, Bouchard against Disney subfamily baby, has become the first round of unseeded front runner up Caroline Wozniacki’s qualifier. China players, Peng Shuai against the United States left the first round against Zhang Shuai Lepp senchenko, ranked 723 in the Australian wildcard Perez. Zheng Saisai against Olympic gold medalist Puig, the star of the new star of the game, against the new star of the year, with the exception of. (rod)相关的主题文章: