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The old man turned brown sweet nanny Taizhou seventy old man 6 years ago, take care of the mother-in-law, "moved Taizhou" Nomination figures (Group) released, Yuhuan 78 year old Lin Zhaohai finalists. 6 years, Lin Zhaohai is the mother-in-law’s eyes and crutches, bed more than filial son, let the mother-in-law became the village’s oldest man. The 78 year old son alone to take care of 98 year old mother-in-law in the middle of the village of Yuhuan County jade city streets, the villagers Lin Zhaohai with child’s identity, as the son of filial piety. After the death of his wife, he threw himself from the "brown man" transformed into "intimate nanny", alone to take care of more than 6 years in blindness. He is willing to pull, but again and again to buy Pomfret for the mother-in-law; he was senile disease ridden, but the mother-in-law care very thoughtful. Today, the 98 year old mother in good health, the village became the oldest person. In the 98 year old Lin Chunlan, a middle-aged lost, three meals a day to serve him. Over the past few years, the mother’s teeth fall out, as long as it is able to chew the food, she is delicious, which, in particular, she likes to eat fish. Seafood stall: you are an old man, and buy a fish, too willing to spend it? Lin Zhaohai went to the market, seafood stalls stall always whisper. A Pomfret ten dollars, the general people are going to pull a buy, and in front of Lin Zhaohai, clothes wrinkle, also burns the cigarette hole, obviously is not a rich man. Lin Zhaohai: fish too much, I’m afraid she poked; too small fish or meat is not strong, the chopsticks clip is broken, she can not eat what. In order to let the mother-in-law enjoy food, Lin Zhaohai buy vegetables also become "tricky", "Pomfret to buy big, buy meters long hairtail". No matter what to buy fish, he will be careful to take off the head, then clipped to the mother-in-law in the bowl. In Lin Zhaohai’s home, there are only two decent home appliances – TV and refrigerator. In the refrigerator, according to most of the food is Pomfret, but the head is not small. His wife died he assumed the responsibility to take care of the old mother 21 years ago, Lin Zhaohai was not a man in the kitchen. That year, his father-in-law died. The mother-in-law knees only two daughters, the eldest daughter Pan Juxing married Lin Zhaohai, daughter of sickly. After Lin Zhaohai husband and wife to discuss, decided to take up the responsibility to support the elderly, the mother’s wife took over settled. Previously, Lin Zhaohai by the sea, in the home to work hard, became shuaishouzhanggui. The housework is wife get together, take care of the mother-in-law is no exception. Until 6 years ago, his wife was seriously ill, the old mother’s deathbed, entrusted to him. Children who do not trust, proposed to the old grandmother to nursing home, was firmly opposed to Lin Zhaohai. Lin Zhaohai: nursing home care is not convenient, and I do not rest assured. People said the son-in-law is Banzai, I put her when the mother served. Living together only to quit his job to take care of two elderly mother-in-law, eating has become a top priority, and Lin Zhaohai did not cook, a sprinkle salt on not sure, mother-in-law shouted salty. Lin Zhaohai crustily skin from scratch: not cooking, he guarded the TV show delicacy slowly; wash dirty clothes, he either imitate others or their own; in order to care for my mother-in-law, he even did not go to the sea. Neighbor Cai Qinghua: son-in-law to do this, it is not.相关的主题文章: