The old man fell on the roadside bus station bus driver to get off the arm of

The old man fell on the roadside bus station bus driver to get off the beauty helped western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter An Ainong) recently, Ms. Wang Xi’an people in Xi’an take the 24 bus, a few photos taken with attracted attention of many people. There is a bus driver in the photo, specially to get off one side of the road will fall behind the old man from the arm up. These photos sent to the Internet, touched a lot of people. The driver has become the eyes of the most beautiful bus drivers in Xi’an. See photos from Ms. Wang reporter: a gray haired old lady lying on the side, his hands to try to stand up. Then, wearing a uniform bus woman from the old lady behind the old man picked up later, helped her. Ms. Wang said that at 12:30 on September 21st or so, she took the 24 bus just into the village side of Xi’an station. She was by the window, and saw an old lady down under the bus stop. Ms. Wang: "I said the old lady fell down. I also think that there will be no one to help, just over a person, I saw a box installed in the back, it is estimated to take delivery, or what. I watched him stop and look at his head. I was thinking that the man would help. Just look at it, they’re gone." Ms. Wang said she had opened the phone camera function, ready to shoot down this scene. Unexpectedly, the man finally left. After a few meters, the bus stopped suddenly. The next scene to make Ms. Wang is very moving. Ms. Wang: "the driver stopped and came down to help the old lady up." More than 10 this morning. Reporters on the 24 Road bus station to find the end point of labor in the eyes of the most beautiful woman driver Wang Zhang Ming, 40 years old this year, she has been driving the 24 bus for 6 years. Speaking of help the elderly this matter, Zhang Mingli always felt a little effort. Xi’an 24 bus driver Zhang Mingli: "when I came back, I will consider is human. If there is someone to help, the old man will be fine. The results under perfect after, when I started the red light, or no one help. At that time the old man that expression is really helpless. I went down and helped her up. Zhang Mingli said, after asking that the old man is due to go a long way to faint. When she got up, she saw the old man’s body, she quickly returned to the bus, continue to drive. Xi’an 24 bus driver Zhang Mingli: we have a lot of worry, a lot of concerns. But I think some way, such as in front of the first record, take pictures, or to find an insider, let everyone look at their doing these things. There is a proof of the people it. To help others, will also reduce some trouble."相关的主题文章: