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The official inaction too   Party members and cadres, not for his own official – Ningxia Channel – official inaction is recently read Ji Yun’s "notes", a story of a sigh. An official Yanwangdian claimed that he had come to, no matter where, only to drink a cup of water, worthy of the spirits. Yama said, the establishment of office is in order to control people’s things, only do not think money is a good officer, then put it on the puppet in the lobby, even a glass of water to drink, not more than you? The official said, "I don’t have any problems. Yama said angrily: as is the biggest problem. Not official, a few dynasties There are plenty of people who stubborn chronic miasma, repeated treatment has become in the heart, the more people hate. Five Dynasties period, an official called Ma Yinsun, known as the "three without", namely "failing to open, do not press, do not open the door; the period of the Republic of China, Tan Yan? When the Executive Yuan presided over the meeting, often close, the issue from the person not to say yes or no" three ". That is," not responsible, not advice, not to offend people". At present, not official who have a lot of. Some sinecures, do not treat the work with no effort, not taking the initiative, do one day at a time; some in order to "insurance", on some thorny issues, can push push, to hide to hide, even a fair share of the responsibility also shift of responsibility; some, Gao Gaogua has done none of my business, "Mr. Right" no, aggressive ambition, and fulfill their obligation to work; some satisfied "in words, written on paper, hanging on the wall". All this has become a very urgent problem. Some grass-roots party members and cadres to the dormant for some of the phenomenon of "secret sorrow": in the face of reform and development tasks can not find work afraid to advance, in order to follow; no accident would not work, lack of supervision and examination system, anxious and preoccupied; no hard constraints; not long-term promoted, enthusiasm weakened…… These reasons seem helpless, in fact is to embrace the right to worldly-wise and play safe. Because of the curse and more than the Secretary, or did not take off to do peace officer thinking inertia. The ancients said, crown shame his life avoiding things. "Every leading cadres must carry the" official "people officer, but not over his" WuShaMao "to make" official "". As the civil servants especially cadres, since the state and the people’s choice for us, we must enhance the feelings of one people’s servants, to maintain high spirited initiative and entrepreneurial spirit. For the only place in, have to, have sleepless nights, our strength, heart always thinking of the masses, with performance and reputation to test whether "not negative state, do not violate the people". "His office, duty; in its place, their government, is the pursuit of occupation, but also a man of the realm. We carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, the people, pragmatic and honest "as the theme, is the quality of the masses in the exercise work; carry out the three three real strict education, advocate strict to slim, strict right to exercise self-discipline; something to be real, to be real entrepreneurs, real man to that is to" strict "cure" loose ")相关的主题文章: