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The office of the State Office: all public hospitals canceled drug addition Sohu news before the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council forwarded the "State Council Health Reform Leading Group on further promotion opinions deepen the reform experience of medical and health system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), and issued a notice requirement of each department the region with the actual conscientiously implement. Opinions proposed to establish a new mechanism for the operation of public hospitals, all public hospitals canceled drug addition. The establishment of a modern hospital management system, the implementation of the performance appraisal of public hospitals, the hospital examination results and financial subsidies, Medicare payment, the total amount of pay for performance and Dean pay, appointment, rewards and punishment linked to establish incentive and restraint mechanisms. Key > > operating mechanism of all public hospital drug addition to cancel the "opinions" requirements, break in yaobu, establishing a new mechanism to run public hospitals. Actively and steadily push forward the reform of medical service price, to ensure the benign operation of public hospitals, the health insurance fund can bear the burden of the masses, the premise is not increased, in accordance with the total control, structural adjustment, rise and fall, gradually put in place, guidance to straighten out the different levels of medical institutions and medical services price relationship. All public hospitals canceled drug addition, considering the local government to determine the compensation policy, accurate calculation of the level of price adjustment, simultaneous adjustment of medical service prices. By regulating the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, reduce the cost of drugs and consumables, and make room for the dynamic adjustment of medical service prices. The price adjustment should focus on improving the medical personnel skilled labor reflects the value of treatment, surgery, nursing and rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine and other medical items, reduce large medical equipment examination and treatment and inspection price, and make the connection and Medicare payments, grading clinics, cost control policy. Through the comprehensive implementation of the strategy, and gradually increase the proportion of medical services revenue (excluding drugs, consumables, inspection, laboratory income) in the total income of the hospital, the establishment of a new mechanism for the operation of public hospitals. > > health care function construction balance of retained incentive and restraint mechanisms of the "opinions" pointed out that health care play a fundamental role, to strengthen the external medical service constraints, strengthen the health insurance management functions. Comprehensively promote the reform of payment methods. Gradually reduce the pay, improve Medicare to pay the total control to implement DRGs, capitation, per diem payment, the total amount of prepaid and other complex combination of multiple types of payment payment methods, encourage the implementation of related disease diagnosis according to packet based, will gradually cover all Medicare payment reform of medical institutions and medical service. Conditional areas can be combined with the number of points and budget management, disease payment, etc., to promote orderly competition between medical institutions and rational allocation of resources. A balance of retained and reasonable incentive and restraint mechanism of sharing cost overruns, stimulate the normative the behavior of medical institutions, the cost control of endogenous motivation. Innovation of basic medical insurance service mode. According to the principle of separation of management and operation, promote the professionalization of medical insurance agency. Under the premise of ensuring the safety and effective supervision of the fund, the government commissioned a qualified commercial insurance institutions and other social forces to participate in the purchase of services相关的主题文章: